Force-Add Request

CPB courses

These instructions apply only to CPB courses or cross-listed courses (CPB/XXX) taught by CPB faculty. Please contact the CPB Course Instructor and provide documentation that you have met the prerequisites
for the course (see below for links to CSE, ECE and MME).

If a class is full and you want to request to be added, please send email to In the email, you need to provide the following:

  • Your name, plus number, and uniqueID
  • Term (fall, winter, spring, or summer) and course number
  • All sections (section letters and CRNs) that don't have time conflicts with your other classes.  More sections may increase your chance of a force-add
  • Your total earned hours from your degree audit report (DAR) or transcript

If any information is missing, your request might be deleted. Also, making a request does not guarantee that a force-add will happen. Typically, you will be wait-listed while the department assesses demand for the course and evaluates the possibility of a force-add. The department will accommodate force-add requests if resources (rooms, equipment, instructors, etc.) are available.