Group picture of CTE staff in office

Staff Bios

Annie-Laurie Blair

Annie-Laurie Blair[ | 513-529-3521], Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate, SGID Facilitator, and Committee for CTE member. Annie is a Senior Clinical Faculty member in Journalism and affiliate faculty in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability. Her research areas are environmental and public watchdog journalism. She employs curriculum design approaches, including team-based leaarning, the inverted classroom, and client partnerships, both in Oxford and abroad. She earned a master's degree in journalism from Boston University and bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Jennifer Blue

Jennifer Blue [ | 513-529-1380], Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate, Physics. She teaches physics and astronomy to science majors and non-scientists alike. She also works with the graduate students as they teach laboratory courses. Her research is in physics education, in the areas of student skill and concept acquisition, laboratory courses, underrepresented students, and K-12 science education.

Picture of Kim Cochran

Kim Cochran [ | 513-529-9269], Center for Teaching Excellence Program Associate. Before joining CTE at Miami University in March of 2016, she served as a Program Assistant for Student Health Services for 2 years. Kim provides direct support to the CTE staff. She helps support the many Faculty Learning Communities, Teaching Enhancement Programs, New Faculty Research Community and Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Programs. Kim also helps coordinate CTE seminars and meetings.

Picture of Milt Cox

Milt Cox [ | 513-529-9266], Director, Lilly Conference on College Teaching, is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, and facilitates the Hesburgh Award-winning Teaching Scholars Faculty Learning Community. Milt also is project director of a FIPSE grant establishing faculty learning community programs on other campuses. He is recipient of the C. C. MacDuffee Award for distinguished service to Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honorary, and a certificate of special achievement from the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education in recognition and appreciation of notable contributions to the profession of faculty, instructional, and organizational development. He is the facilitator of the Alumni Teaching Scholars Community for Early-Career Faculty.

Picture of Todd Edwards

Michael Todd Edwards [ | 513-529-6443], Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate, Teacher Education. Todd teaches pre- and inservice mathematics teachers in the Department of Teacher Education and is an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Educational Leadership. As the co-editor of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Mathematics Teacher Education and the North American GeoGebra Journal, Dr. Edwards is deeply committed to content-focused writing as a vehicle for deepening student understanding of mathematics.

Picture of Lynette Hudiburgh

Lynette Hudiburgh, Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate; Lecturer, Department of Statistics. Lynette obtained her MS in Applied Statistics and Research Methods at the University of Northern Colorado. After a 15-year distinguished high school mathematics teaching career, she embarked on a new adventure, leaving friends and family in Colorado and moving to Ohio, where she has been at Miami University for 6 years. Her passion is helping introductory statistics students learn using active learning methods. She embraces her work as a mentor helping graduate teaching assistants and colleagues to develop and implement active student learning strategies and best practices in their courses. She was instrumental in reinvigorating MU's Sonia Kovalevsky Day and re-branding it as Careers Involving Quantitative Skills (CIQS) Day. This annual event focuses on attracting high school women, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to the possibility of a career involving quantitative skills. In the last three years, a total of more than 400 high school women have attended. Lynette's research interests include statistics education, attracting women to technical fields and empowering them to persist, and blended and online learning. She is currently the coordinator for Introduction to Business Statistics (STA 125), an algebra-based introductory statistics course (STA 261), and CiQS Day. She is the recipient of the 2017 E. Phillips Knox Distinguished Teaching Award.

Picture of Ann Mackenzie

Ann Mackenzie, Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate, SGID Facilitator, Teacher Education. Ann is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Miami. She is a former Ohio Teacher of the Year and was a Special Professor at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. MacKenzie's research interests focus on the teaching and learning of science using multi-media methods. She also conducts research on perceptions of science by children through adulthood around the world.

Alicia Miller

Alicia Miller [ | 513-529-9263], Center for Teaching Excellence Administrative Associate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Purdue University. Alicia is the Lilly Conference registrar, office manager and is responsible for budgets. She helps in creating new ways to advance the knowledge of Faculty Learning Communities and supports the staff in all of their many endeavors.

Terry Nixon

Terry Nixon [ | 513-529-6503]. A member of the Department of Finance since 2001, Terry teaches in the areas of corporate finance and investments. He has received the Richard K. Smucker Teaching Excellence Award in 2007 and 2012 as part of the faculty of the Farmer School of Business. Additionally, Terry has received the Faculty of the Year Award twice as part of the FSB's PMBA program. He has published pedagogical scholarship in the Journal of Financial Education and Advances in Financial Education as part of his strong commitment to Miami's teaching mission. Prior to joining the faculty of the Farmer School of Business, Nixon taught at Indiana University and Florida Atlantic University. His research interests include corporate restructuring and agency theory.

Picture of Brenda Quaye

Brenda Quaye [ | 513-529-2284], Ph. D., Coordinator for Academic Integrity. Brenda joined Miami University in 2012. She is responsible for providing faculty development and student education around issues of academic integrity as well as maintaining academic integrity records and consulting on policy questions and review. Before joining Miami, she served as the Director of Academic Integrity at George Mason University and as the Assistant Director of Student Conduct at the University of Maryland. She has extensive knowledge of and experience with academic dishonesty adjudication, policy, and education. Her research focuses on how students understand and make decisions about academic dishonesty. Brenda also has a delightful 7-year-old son who wonders why she has to talk to the "big, big students" so much about honesty and not cheating.

Headshot of Scott Sander

Scott Sander, Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Associate; is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Teacher Education.  His research interests include science teacher education as it intersects with social justice, diversity, and inclusion. His work in large lecture courses looks to challenge traditional notions of science teaching and learning as he positions students as scientists/scholars who critically analyze both physical and social phenomena.

Picture of Lisa Sheard

Lisa Sheard [ | 513-529-9383], Center for Teaching Excellence Technical Communications Specialist. Lisa earned her BS in Education at Miami University and taught in the public school system before returning to Oxford and Miami. She brings a broad range of experiences and skills to the CTE, as well as a love of new technology. Lisa maintains the CTE technology, social media, websites and databases, including the Lilly Conference and two journals. An avowed Qualtrics enthusiast, Lisa received her Qualtrics Research Core Expert certification in 2017.

Picture of Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker

Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker, Alumni Teaching Scholars Co-Facilitator and previous Alumni Teaching Scholar. Brooke is a Senior Lecturer in the Psychology Department who spends a lot of her time teaching, thinking about teaching, and studying ways in which her teaching impacts students and their educational outcomes. She joined the faculty in 2009 from the University of Montana, where she earned her Ph.D. in 2008. Brooke currently is exploring differences in course delivery methods (online vs. face-to-face vs. hybrid) and how delivery method impacts student performance in Introductory Psychology courses. Her previous pedagogical research examines student perceptions of clickers versus discussion sections for Intro to Psych and the influence of upper-level discussion leaders on student performance in Lifespan Development courses.

Picture of Gregg Wentzell

Gregg Wentzell [ | 513-529-9265], Assistant Director of the Center. Gregg earned his Ph.D. in English at Miami in 1993 and was awarded the Sinclair Fellowship. He has over 20 years of college teaching and faculty development experience and co-facilitates the New Faculty Teaching Enhancement Program (NFTEP). In addition to being Lilly Conference Associate Director, Gregg does faculty consulting on teaching and writing, including Small-Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID). He is managing editor of the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and Learning Communities Journal. He presents seminars on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning both on-campus and at teaching and learning conferences. He has experience with and has participated in faculty learning communities.

Peter Wessels [ | 513-529-2408], CTE Faculty Teaching Associate and Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychology. Since joining Miami University in 2005, Peter has taught at least one section of Introduction to Psychology every semester. As a part of the Top 25 Initiative, he helped to redesign the Introduction to Psychology course to incorporate Peer-Assisted Learning approaches by developing a sequence of courses in Leadership and Pedagogy that support the training and mentoring of Undergraduate Discussion Leaders. He is a founding member of the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching at Miami University, and he often teaches the Teaching of Psychology Practicum course to new and aspiring graduate instructors. He currently serves as the Director of the Center for Psychologyical Inquiry, a tutoring resource for undergraduate students, housed in the Department of Psychology.

Picture of Ellen Yezierski

Ellen Yezierski [ | 513-529-2813], Center for Teaching Excellence Director. Ellen is a Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and former Chair of the Center for Teaching Excellence Senate Committee. Newly appointed as CTE Director, Ellen is networking with faculty and programs across campus to fulfill the Center’s mission and support student learning through faculty development and innovation in teaching. She recently was recognized with a 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award and has taught large undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses. Her research group focuses on improving conceptual understanding of chemistry by examining the dynamics of teaching and teacher change. The goal of their work is to markedly reform instruction and improve chemistry learning across a variety of grade levels (high school and college). Projects employ quasi-experimental designs as well as phenomenological methods to explore teacher beliefs and change, chemistry self-concept, use of animations, evaluating external representation use in inquiry instruction, and characterizing teaching and learning in chemistry outreach. Visit the Yezierski Research Group to learn more about their activities and outcomes.