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A sample of EDL graduate student research presentations for 2014-15 academic year:

• Sorensen, E., "Utilizing the learning partnership model in professional staff supervision." OCPA/OASPA, January 2015

• Banks, L., "Transition Planning at 14? Meeting and exceeding requirements by providing students with disabilities learning opportunities and experiences," Council for Exceptional Children, DCDT International Conference, November 2014

• Radina, R., Jackson, J. & Williams, T. Race, “Critical Pedagogy for an Essentialist Generation: Graduate Students Reflect on their Experiences Working Toward Social Justice Outcomes”, Gender, Class, Sexuality Symposium, February 2015

• Radina, R. & Schwartz, T. “Preparing Future Urban Teachers to be Agents of Social Change: How Urban Teaching cohort Students Articulate their Identities as Teachers,” National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER), October 2014

• Miller, K. K., & Gorby, M. G., “Last child in the woods: Reconnecting students to nature through a service-learning project to plant a prairie”, Presentation at the Wright State University Network for Educational Renewal (NER) Conference, April 2015

• Huffman, D., “Support or Mistreatment?” Teachers Discuss Treatment by Principals American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, April 2015

• Bolyard, C., “Test-based teacher evaluations: Accountability versus responsibility”, Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society Conference, 2014

• Aronson, B., Bolyard, C., Johnson, L., & Williams, T. “All we do is talk about race!”, Critical Race Studies in Education Association Annual Conference, 2014

• Gunzburger, J., Quaye, S., “Addressing Shame & Guilt in Social Justice Education.” ACPA, March 2015

• Gunzburger, J. “Mindset Matters: Commit to Growth to Reach Your Potential Conference,” ACPA, March 2015

• Garvey, J. C., Samayoa, A. C., Marine, S. B., & Nicolazzo, Z., “Unruly queers: Interrogating power in higher education practice, policy, and research.” American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, 2015

• Nicolazzo, Z. “’Just go in looking good’: The resilience, resistance, and kinship-building of trans* college students”, Association for the Study of Higher Education Annual Conference, 2014

• Jourian, T.J., Devaney, K., Simmons, S. L., Pitcher, E. N., schneider, f., Nicolazzo, Z, Turner, J., Johnson, A., & Patton Davis, L., “T*circle: A dialogue among trans* and gender non-conforming educators”, ACPA – College Student Educators International Annual Convention, 2015

• Jourian, T.J. & Nicolazzo, Z, “Bringing our communities to the research table: The liberatory potential of collaborative methodological practices”, National Symposium on LGBTQ Research, 2014