Inclusive Special Education Student Handbook

This handbook has been prepared by the faculty in the Inclusive Special Education program and is designed to assist undergraduate students in understanding the policies, expectations and standards of the Inclusive Special Education program. It should also prove helpful in planning for current, as well as prospective, students’ educational program of study. Please note the publication and effective date of this document, as the most recent version contains policies or procedures currently in effect.

It is important to note that these policies and procedures are more specific than the general policies of the Miami University Student Handbook however they do not supersede or override university-wide policies. This handbook is meant as a supplement to the Miami University Student Handbook. Students and advisors are urged to refer to the Student Handbook for clarification and/or for additional information in areas that are not addressed in the pages of this Inclusive Special Education online handbook.

Table of Contents

Program Goals, Philosophy, and Perspectives

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Program Evaluation

Program Faculty

Student Organizations

Program Standards, Goals, Objectives, and Competencies

Course Sequence

Academic Advisors

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Evaluating Student Fitness and Performance

Required Withdrawal from the Program

CAEP Key Assessments

Research Opportunities


Field Experiences