What Our Students Say

  • Rob Cron

    Rob Cron

    Special Education major

    "I chose education as my major because I was in Urban Teaching Cohort (UTC) classes that really showed me something of the inequalities that go on in our educational system...

    “That made me pretty mad, so that’s why I chose education, and then I chose special education because that population is discriminated against and so marginalized. Even today when we’re supposed to be so tolerant, a lot of these students have really bad experiences.

    “UTC has really pushed my education as a teacher, and I definitely recommend joining the UTC because it will challenge you in ways that you won’t get in other classes.

    “I studied abroad in Cuba in the winter semester. It was really cool because we learned about a place that we don’t know much about—because the US embargo has it so locked down. It was so great to understand Cuba from their own perspective. It opened our eyes in a lot of ways."

    A few more facts about me:

    • I will be part of the Urban Leadership Internship Program (ULIP) this summer in Chicago.
    • In the fall, I’ll be doing my student teaching in Chicago.
  • Emily Piper

    Emily Piper

    Special Education major

    "I chose my special education because I have always loved helping people. The connection I feel to people with disabilities is so different than the connections we're used to making in our everyday lives - and it is incredible…

    “I love being reminded to appreciate and love the simple things: I could not imagine doing anything else with my life!"

    “I work for the Autism Society of North Carolina at Camp Royall in the summers and during breaks. I'm from Michigan, and I would like to teach for a few years and then go to grad school for Occupational Therapy. I am on the executive board for Autism Speaks U, the president of Student Council for Exceptional Children, in the honors college, and a member of the Alpha Phi fraternity."

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