M. Elise Radina

Elise RadinaAssociate Dean for the Graduate School

102D Roudebush Hall

Curriculum Vitae


University of Missouri
Post Doctoral Fellowship 2003
Department of Family and Community Medicine Sinclair School of Nursing
Department of Health & Human Services Institutional National Research Fellow
University of Missouri
Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies 2002
Minor: College Teaching
Miami University 1998
M.S., Family and Child Studies (Family Life Education)
Allegheny College 1996
B.A., International Women’s Studies
Minor: Spanish


Dr. M. Elise Radina is a Professor in the Department of Family Science and Social Work at Miami University. She is a qualitative methodologist whose research focuses broadly on families and health. Dr. Radina’s research primarily focuses on mid and later life women in family contexts (e.g., breast cancer survivorship, positive aging, breast cancer-related lymphedema). She has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Her work has appeared in Cancer Nursing, Family Relations, the Journal of Family Nursing, Nursing Research, and the Journal of Family Theory & Review. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Family Theory & Review. Her co-edited book published by Taylor & Francis, Real Stories of How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens: Moving Beyond “Themes Emerged” (with A. Humble) was published in 2018

Professional Experience

Associate Dean Graduate School 2022- present
Professor 2014-present Department of Family Science and Social Work, Miami University

Certified Family Life Educator: National Council on Family Relations (2005-present)

Adjunct Courtesy Professor 2013-present
College of Nursing, Vanderbilt University Fellow 2013-present
Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University Adjunct Courtesy Faculty Member 2008-present
Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri Affiliate 2008-present
Department of Global & Intercultural Studies (Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program) Miami University Associate 2005-present
Doris Bergen Center for Human Development, Learning, and Technology Miami University

PAST FACULTY POSITIONS Associate Professor 2009-2014
Department of Family Studies and Social Work, Miami University Assistant Professor 2005-2009 Department of Family Studies and Social Work, Miami University Assistant Professor 2003-2005 Department of Design, Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Northern Iowa

Honors, Awards and Grants

Anselm Strauss Award for Qualitative Family Research (National Council on Family Relations) 2020
Mid-American Conference Leadership Fellow 2018-2019
Spotlight Partner 2018 Inaugural Student Life Academic Partners Reception
Delp Outstanding Faculty Member Award 2016
Faculty Commendation 2010-12, 2014-18
Miami University Center for Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment
Miami University Top 100 Faculty and Staff 2010
Outstanding Professor Award Nominee 2009-2010
Miami University Women’s Leadership Award Nominee 2009
Women’s Leadership Symposium & Celebration, Miami University

Edited Books

Humble, A., & Radina, M. E. Eds. (2018). How qualitative data analysis happens: Moving beyond “themes emerged.” Routledge.

EDITORSHIPSJournal of Family Theory and ReviewGuest Co-Editor (with A. Humble and A. Rauer)  Special Issue: Theoretical Innovations in Family Gerontology (2020)

Guest Co-Editor (with A. Zvonkovic and E. A. Sharp)  Special Issue: Qualitative Methodology, Research, and Theory in Family Studies (2012)

Recent Publications

Radina, M. E., Roberts, R. A., Roma, A., Custer, S. L., Kuykendoll, M. K. T. (2022). Uniting two disciplines: An innovative partnership between family science and social work. Family Relations, 71(3), 1058-1080.

Sheffer, J. A., Hanasono, L., Kanwischer, C., Koolage, J., Ludy, M., Landry Meyer, L., Noyes, K., Radina, M. E., & Schnepp, J. C. (2022). Recommitting to shared governance: An imperative for higher education in the pandemic era and beyond. Liberal Education, Winter, 21-29. https://www.aacu.org/article/pieces-of-the-puzzle (authors listed alphabetically after lead author)

Radina, M. E. (2020). Ethnographic creative non-fiction: The creation and evolution of Lily’s Lymphedema. In P. Hackett and C. Hayre (Eds.), Handbook of Ethnography in Healthcare Research, (p. 438-451). Abingdon, UK. Routledge. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781000263985/ [invited]

Rauer, A., Humble, A. M., & Radina, M. E. (2020). Introduction to the special issue on theorizing in family gerontology: Beyond broad strokes to the finer details. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 12(2), 121-125.

*Stemen, S. E., de Medeiros, K., & Radina, M. E. (2020). Exploring cause of death as a factor in social convoy membership: The case of “Pauline.” Journal of Women & Aging, 3(2), 170-183.

Radina, M. E., & Sharp, E. A. (2019). Student and faculty experiences of qualitative research methods courses in family science. Family Science Review, 23(1), 54-77.

Radina, M.E., *Deer, B., *Herriman, R., *Jagpal, A., *Dodd, M., *Kawamura, K., & *Clark, L. (2019). Elucidating emotional closeness within the theory of health-related family quality of life: Evidence from breast cancer survivors. BMC Research Notes, 12, Article # 312.

Ginter, A., & Radina, M. E. (2019). “I Was There with Her”: Experiences of mothers of breast cancer patients. Journal of Family Nursing, 25(1), 54-80.

Radina, M. E., & Humble, A. M. (2018). Introduction: Real stories of how this volume happened. In A. M. Humble & M. E. Radina (Eds.), “Moving beyond ‘Themes emerged’: Real stories of how qualitative data analysis happens. Taylor and Francis.

Roberts, A., de Schutter, B., *Franks, K., & Radina, M. E. (2018). Older adults’ experiences with virtual reality: Anticipated usefulness and the importance of preferences. Clinical Gerontologist, 42(1).


EHS 645: Introduction to Qualitative Methods
FSW/WGS 361: Couple Relationships: Diversity and Change
UNV 101: I Am Miami!
WGS 201: Introduction to Women's Studies (special section reserve for sorority women)
FSW 466/566: Adulthood and Aging

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The Family Science Behind Chronic Illness - with Elise Radina

Elise Radina currently oversees a comprehensive research effort to understand how the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship of breast cancer impacts family life.