Academic Advising

The KNH Department assigns academic advisors based on student criteria.  For Athletic Training, Health Promotion, Kinesiology and Nutrition majors the criteria is by class (first year, sophomore, junior, senior) by credit hour. For example, first year and sophomore Kinesiology majors are assigned to Jennifer Edwards, the KNH Chief Departmental Advisor.  Once the student reaches junior status by credit hour the Banner system will re-assign that student to a faculty advisor in the Kinesiology area.  SLAM majors are assigned by concentration.

To find your advisor, log into MyMiami and click on your STUDENT TAB.  Your KNH academic advisor's name and contact information should be listed there. If not, you may request that information by e-mailing Anne Reed,  Please provide your Banner ID# (+0...) in your e-mail.

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, call their office phone or send an e-mail directly to him/her.  When meeting, bring a current copy of your full DAR (not the abbreviated version) with you to the appointment.