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Miami’s KNH Department offers undergraduate majors, two minors, three master's degrees, and three combined bachelor's and master's degrees. Join programs that are highly regarded by employers, professional schools, and other academic institutions.


Kinesiology Major

A professor shows his class a human's skeleton arm

This major is for students interested in the scientific aspects of human movement. Kinesiology focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of interactions of physiological, anatomical, neuropsychological, and biomechanical factors that affect human health and performance.

Public Health Major


Miami University offers two undergraduate degrees in public health. Undergraduate students take a variety of courses to build general public health knowledge and develop a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of how to address existing and emerging public health problems.

Nutrition Major

Students present a whiteboard full of meal ideas

This program is for students interested in exploring the trends in community and public health nutrition. Students will become involved in site-based learning projects that allow them to understand the process of developing community-based nutrition education programs.

With concentrations in:

Nutrition Minor

This minor provides a basic understanding of nutrition and includes specialized courses in nutrition. It complements majors in health-related professional and pre-professional programs. It does not provide a basis for counseling in nutrition.

Courses must be taken for a grade. No courses may be taken for credit/no credit. A minimum of 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. Students planning to take this minor should consult with the chief departmental advisor. This minor is open to all university students except Nutrition majors, who are excluded from this minor.

Course Requirements

Health Behavior Minor

This minor provides the foundational courses for students who wish to specialize in health education and become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). It is open to all students and complements majors in health-related professional and pre-professional programs.

A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. No courses may be taken credit/no-credit. Students majoring in Public Health in the College of Arts and Science or Community Nutrition can count no more than 6 hours from their major towards this minor. This minor is not open to students majoring in Public Health in the College of Education, Health, and Society.

Course Requirements

The Miami Plan for Liberal Education

The Miami Plan for Liberal Education is a University graduation requirement for undergraduate students. The coursework emphasizes four basic goals: civic-mindedness and social engagement, collaboration and innovation, communication and expression, and critical and integrative thinking.

About the Miami Plan

Health Care Sales Undergraduate Certificate

Demand for healthcare services are on the rise. As a result, the demand for medical equipment, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals has also increased. This certificate program is designed to prepare students for careers in healthcare sales, and includes both curricular and co-curricular experiences.

  • 13 credit hours
  • Open to all university students
  • A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the certificate
  • Does not satisfy the thematic sequence requirement

Course Requirements

Combined Degree Programs

Qualified students can simultaneously pursue a bachelor's and a master's degree in one of the EHS programs that offer 3 + 2 or 4 + 1 plans. Learn more about the combined programs offered:

Graduate Programs

KNH’s graduate students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty with national and international reputations.

Master of Athletic Training, M.A.T.

Our graduates are engaged to understand the physical, metabolic, organizational, societal, and cultural forces that affect health and performance.

Combined Master of Science with Dietetic Internship

This is a 16-month program with a mission to provide evidenced-based learning experiences in dietetics that will prepare graduates to be competent for practice as entry-level dietitian nutritionists in a variety of healthcare and community environments.

Registration Override Requests (ROR)

The Registration Override Request (ROR) application is Miami's campus-wide force/add process. Students will access ROR right from the Course List to request entry into courses that they are otherwise unable to add in BannerWeb. ROR turns on when student time tickets are open.

Submitting ROR Requests

  1. Log in to the Course List to search for courses.
  2. To request a force add for KNH, click Submit Registration Override Request.
    • Rank in order of preference the sections you are willing to accept.
    • Provide a reason for the request. Be concise but include details, such as candidate for graduation, pre-req errors or major/minor/thematic errors.
  3. Submit your request. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received.

To check the status of your request at any time, log in to the Course List and click Requests. Please be patient, do not call or email the department.

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