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Networking, job shadowing and informational interviews often open doors to additional opportunities.

What is an Internship?

An internship is an opportunity that combines learning with work and offers a unique experience for career exploration. The essential component is that as you are working, you have structured and intentional objectives to learn about a career field. An internship or related experience can help you decide whether that field is really for you.

Types of Internships

Internships can be full- or part-time, short- or long-term, paid or unpaid, for credit or not for credit, self-directed or mentor-led, or any combination thereof. Some employers have formal internship programs while others only offer internships on an informal basis.

In addition, faculty-supervised research, high-impact student jobs, client-centered projects, service learning activities, studio-based projects, independent studies, student teaching and leadership roles with student organizations have many of the attributes of a traditional internship, and can be just as valuable to a prospective employer.

Why Should You Pursue an Internship?

  • Explore potential careers
  • Learn how to conduct a job search
  • Build work-related skills
  • Experience a “3-month interview”
  • Network with people in your field
  • Become more marketable for your future job search

Before you begin your internship search, you should reflect on:

  • Your interests, strengths, skills and experiences
  • The skills you hope to gain or refine through an internship
  • The types of careers that interest you
  • Other career choices that may be available to you

You may be interested in obtaining academic credit for an internship. Because academic departments have different policies for granting credit for internships, we suggest you contact your academic advisor or faculty advisor to learn more about your home department’s specific policies. If your home department does not offer internship credits for the internship you are interested in completing, the Center for Career Exploration & Success offers pass/fail internship credit - EDL 340. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Beth Zink.