Recruit Miami Students



Handshake is a state-of-the-art recruiting system used by many top-tier universities across the country. This system allows you to:

  • Register (all employers need to do this)
  • Create New On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Schedule Requests for Miami
  • Attach OCI Positions
  • Search the Student Resume Book for candidates
  • Create Non-OCI Job Postings (full-time and internship) for Miami
  • Request New Information Sessions
  • Post a Profile (i.e., provide details of your organization)

Access and/or create your profile in Handshake.


An internship is any type of supervised work or service experience related to one’s major or career interest in which a student has intentional learning objectives and reflects on the learning experience. Internships may be:

  • full or part-time
  • short or long-term
  • paid or unpaid
  • nonprofit and government internships only (we strongly encourage paid internships)
  • for credit, no credit or any combination thereof
  • The Career Center provides a comprehensive template for a successful internship program

Guidelines and Conduct

The Career Center accords equal opportunity to all placement registrants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status.

Employers visiting the Miami University campus for on-campus recruiting are likewise expected to conform to Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices.

We encourage employers to read (policies link) for additional and more specific information related to permissible activities and use of Miami University resources.


Career Fairs

  • Fall Career Fair: held in mid-September is our largest event and begins fall recruiting season.
  • Spring Internship & Career Expo (Spring ICE): traditionally in mid-February is the largest event of the Spring semester.
  • Teacher Job Fair: designed for students interested in the broader roles of Education (e.g., teaching, social work, psychology, etc.).
  • Other Fairs & Expos: including Architecture + Design Fair, the Nonprofit Expo, and Sport Career Exploration & Networking Expo (SCENE).

Recruiting Calendar Spring 2019

  • January 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • January 28: Classes Begin
  • January 28: On-campus Interviews Begin
  • February 21: Spring Career Fair/No Interviews
  • February 22: On-campus Interviews (OCI) at Millett Hall
  • March 14: Non-Profit Expo
  • March 21 – 22: No Interviews
  • March 25 – 31: Spring Break/No Interviews
  • April 1: No Interviews
  • April 3: Teacher Job Fair (TJF) 2019
  • May 9: Interviews End (Classes End May 10)
  • May 18 – 19: Spring Commencement


Other Opportunities

  • Job Shadows
  • Career Treks
  • Mock Interviews
  • Executive in Residence
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Off Cycle Recruiting
  • Social Media
  • Expos and Boutique Events
  • Student Organizations


  • Employer Relations Team
  • Foundation and Corporate Relations
  • Farmer School of Business
  • College of Engineering and Computing
  • Career Partnership Program
  • Sponsorship