A group of students gathered around a cell phone.

Social Media Takeovers

Student Takeover

Students wanting to host a Takeover should fill out our Instagram Takeover form.

Social Media is our way of creating additional opportunities for employers and students to connect. With a tap of your finger, you can see "behind the scenes" into the companies that have Miami students walking their halls, making decisions, drinking lots of coffee and getting it done. Social media takeovers will allow you to peek into the “other side of the desk.” Interested?

Social media offers a unique way for employers to showcase their company or organization in an authentic, easy to access way. Companies can show:

  • their office appearance
  • who their employees are
  • where they eat lunch
  • the company culture
  • what makes their company or organization unique

Snapchat allows for two-way communication between students and organizations. Students can ask questions like:

  • “Where can I apply for an internship?”
  • “What are you looking for from applicants?”
  • “Where are your offices located?”
  • or even something as simple as “What is your favorite part of working for _____?”