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More and more employers are looking for “T-shaped students” — those who have both a breadth of real-world skills and experiences and the depth of academic preparation in a course of study. Because of Miami’s unique liberal arts education, you possess the exact skills employers need to be successful. Based on your:

  • academic achievements
  • internships and practical learning experiences
  • cross-disciplinary client-centered projects
  • faculty-supervised research
  • leadership and cross-cultural experiences
  • digital competence
  • and community service

you are uniquely prepared for roles in business, nonprofit organizations and government. Be certain that you don't miss an opportunity in your resume, cover letter, or during an internship or job interview, to articulate to each potential employer the critical skills you have learned at Miami and the value they bring to the employer. If you need help communicating the value of your Miami experience on your resume, cover letter or during an interview, please visit one of the resume review drop-in locations on campus, schedule an appointment with a career advisor or faculty member, or schedule a mock interview.

Optimal Interview Prep

Use Optimal Interview Prep and the Career Center’s Mock Interview service to maximize the effectiveness of your intern and job interviews.

The interview prep module of Optimal Resume makes it easy to refine your interviewing skills from the comfort of your own room or apartment. You control all aspects of the interview practice session, including the interview type, the number of questions, your response format, and the interviewer.

There are four ways to record your interview responses:

  • spoken (must have microphone) and video recorded (must have webcam);
  • spoken only;
  • written;
  • and no response.