Mock Interview

A mock interview will help sharpen your interview skills before that big interview. Here are the steps to follow to sign-up for a mock interview:

  1. Log into Handshake.
  2. Select the JOBS tab.
  3. Under FILTERS type MOCK.
  5. Select the MOCK INTERVIEW SCHEDULE that works best for you!
  6. Select APPLY NOW. Be sure that you have completed Basic Interviewing Skills workshop. If you have not completed this box will be grayed out.
  7. Upload your resume in PDF format.
  8. Complete the Tailored Experience Form (Mock Interview Interest Form).
  9. Pick the time slot that works for you. You will know you have done this correctly if under the student column it shows YOUR SLOT.

If you are interested in practicing your mock interview in a foreign language, please email Kia Nalls