Miami GradU8 Program

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 A Miami graduate with a cap reading "Go Ahead and Take a Ride There's No Telling What You'll Find."
 Miami graduates take their seats

The Miami GradU8 Program is a unique and exclusive opportunity that provides select Ohio-resident students with the very best support to ensure their smooth and successful transition from high school to college so they can earn a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in as little time as possible.

From day one through graduation, GradU8 Scholars work with a Success Advocate to be introduced to campus resources, organizations, tutoring, internships, study abroad and research. The Success Advocate also connects students to leadership opportunities and communicates dates that are important to their success.

The GradU8 Scholars program offers a personalized achievement plan with the resources and support you need to successfully graduate in eight semesters. Your plan will include:

  • CAS 101 - Introduction to Strategic Learning Tools Course: This course allows students to network with other Scholars, faculty, staff, and alumni. It also teaches Scholars to access resources across campus.

  • Book Scholarship: Scholars earn a book scholarship at the end of their first year’s Fall and Spring Semesters if they meet all scholarship requirements.

  • GradU8 Scholars Information Session: Scholars may attend a special virtual session with their family after Summer Orientation to learn more about college life, opportunities for support, and how to get the most out of their college experience.

  • Success Coaching: The Success Advocate works with Scholars individually to develop a plan for success that will lead to the ultimate college experience and timely graduation. This support ensures maximum return on the Scholars’ financial aid package and tuition guarantee.

  • Learning Partners: Scholars are paired with an experienced GradU8 Scholar student who will serve as a peer mentor during the first year.

  • Exclusive opportunities and strategic support for your success!


How do I become a GradU8 Scholar?

The GradU8 Scholars program is by invitation only. Admission and financial aid information are used to identify students for the opportunity.

How can I learn more about the GradU8 Scholars program?

Contact Craig Bennett, Senior Director for Student Success, at or 513-529-0986.