Miami GradU8 Program

The Miami GradU8 Program is a unique and exclusive opportunity that provides select Ohio resident students with the very best support to ensure a smooth and successful transition from high school to college, and to earn a bachelor's degree from Miami University in as little time as possible.

From day one through graduation, GradU8 Scholars work with a Success Navigator to make sure students know about campus resources, organizations, tutoring, internships, study abroad, as well as leadership and research opportunities. The Success Navigator also communicates dates that are important to students' success. 

The GradU8 Program offers a personalized achievement plan with the resources and support students need to successfully graduate in eight semesters. Individualized plans include:

  • GradU8 Scholars Orientation Session: Students and their families will attend a special session of Summer Orientation to learn more about college life, opportunities for support, and how to get the most out of their university experience.
  • Success Coaching: One-to-one support from the student's Success Navigator.
  • “15 to Finish” Scheduling: Scheduling of at least 15 credit hours per semester to reach the eight-semester graduation goal.
  • Learning Partners: Students are paired with a highly experienced Miami student who will answer questions, provide advice, and help GradU8 Scholars “learn the ropes” at Miami.
  • Strategic Support: The student's Success Navigator will monitor progress and communicate opportunities for achievement.

Additionally, those in the Miami GradU8 Program will receive the following benefits:

  • Book Scholarship: A book scholarship at the end of the fall semester and spring semester is available, provided program guidelines are followed and progress is made toward a bachelor's degree at Miami University.
  • Post-College Preparation: Special opportunities related to career and graduate school preparation such as job shadowing and entrance exam workshops.
  • Introduction to Strategic Learning Tools Course (CAS 101): Students will be pre-enrolled in this course to help them make connections with faculty, staff, students, and resources across campus.

Those with questions about the Miami GradU8 Program are invited to contact Dr. Ashley Hopkins, Success Navigator for the program, at or 513-529-3786.