Sun setting over King Library

Staff and Reporting Units

David K. Creamer
Sr. Vice President for Finance and Business Services/Treasurer

Rosanne Gulley
Manager for Administrative Services

Sarah Persinger

Reporting Personnel

Jennifer Morrison
Associate Controller

Irena Chushak
Director of Payables

Linda Manley
Assistant Controller

Susan Bolser
Customer Support Manager

Mark Taylor
Chief Procurement Officer

Reporting Personnel

Richard Pratt
Strategic Procurement Officer

Lori Cramer
Senior Director of Operation Planning and Business Development

Reporting Personnel

Jess Young
Director of Retail and Marketing

Geno Svec
Senior Director of Dining and Culinary Support Services

Beth Adkins
Director of Auxiliary Finances

Brian Woodruff
Director of Housing Contracts and Meal Plans

Director of Administrative and Staffing Services

Cody Powell
Associate VP, Facilities Planning and Operations

Reporting Personnel

John Seibert
Director, Planning, Architecture, and Engineering

Director of Sustainability and Energy Conservation

Sheila Barger
Director of PFD Business Services

Jeremy Davis
Director of Building Maintenance

Doug Hammerle
Director of Energy Systems

Sandra Mohr
Director of PFD Operations Center and Facilities Central Stores

Jeff Johnson
Director of Environmental Safety

Douglas Curry
Executive Director for Recreational Sports

Dawn Fahner
Interim Associate VP, Human Resources

Reporting Personnel

Becky Dysart
Director of Staff Development

Theresa Murphy
Director of Employment

Irena Chushak
Director of Payroll

Gary Barnes
Director of Compensation

John McCandless
Chief of Police

Reporting Personnel

Ben Spillman
Administrative Lieutenant, Parking and Transportation Services

Steve VanWinkle
Police Captain

Lori Minges

Clery Act Coordinator

David Ellis
Associate VP, Budgeting and Analysis

Reporting Personnel

Donna Rohlfer
Director of Budgeting and Business Transformation

Jeff Pidcock
Senior Budget Analyst

Kerin Banfield
Senior Budget Analyst

Tim Birmingham
Budget Analyst

Barbara Jena
Director of Internal Audit and Consulting Services

Reporting Personnel

Stellar Mingxin Cen
Associate Auditor

Terry Moore
Associate Auditor

Bruce Guiot
Chief Investment and Treasury Officer

Reporting Personnel

Cynthia Ripberger
Senior Associate Director, Investments and Treasury Services

Nathan Miller
Investment Analyst

Alfred Ryan
Director of Lean Initiatives

Brad Grimm
Assistant Vice President & Divisional CIO for Finance and Business Services