FSB Study Abroad Eligibility Policy

Revised FSB Eligibility Policy effective for Winter 2017 programs and thereafter:

Farmer School of Business (FSB) Global Studies believes the opportunity to participate in an international experience is a privilege that is earned and not a right of all students. FSB Global Studies expects students to adhere to the Miami University Code of Student Conduct, University policies and local laws at all times, whether in Oxford, Ohio or anywhere in the world. 

The selection process for applicants who wish to participate in the Global Business Programs includes a review of each applicant’s academic and non-academic record. FSB Global Studies will consider the following criteria, as it relates to non-academic conduct, before recommending a student to the program:

  • Any applicant with a record of a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, local, state, or federal law at the time of application, prior to acceptance into the Global Business Program or prior to departure, may be denied participation. 
  • Any student on disciplinary probation or suspension due to a violation of Miami’s Code of Student Conduct, will not be considered.  Future consideration for participation will be on a case-by-case basis, but only after the probationary status or period of suspension has ended.
  • Any student who has been found responsible for committing an act of violence, threatening or endangering behavior (e.g. physical assault, harassment, stalking, dating/domestic violence, sexual assault) may be denied acceptance. Consideration will be on a case by case basis in consultation with the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution.
  • Any student who has been found responsible for any other violation (e.g. dishonesty, alcohol, theft, vandalism, drugs, disorderly conduct, weapons possession) may be denied acceptance based on the nature of the offense, pattern of behavior, and proximity to the date of departure from when the incident occurred.
  • Final acceptance for participation in the Global Business Programs will be determined based on the nature and entirety of a student’s disciplinary record, successful completion of sanctions and other criteria related to the specific international program.

The above is not an exhaustive list of considerations for acceptance into the Global Business Program. Students may be interviewed and there may be further consultation with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution before a final decision is made. 

All Miami University students are subject to the Code of Student Conduct and laws of the city/country within which they are studying, working and traveling. Any incidents occurring during the program will be reported and may subject the student to immediate removal from the program, disciplinary action by the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution and possible suspension from Miami University. 

Approved by International Studies Committee May 2016