FSB Korea Olympic

Program Snapshot

pic of students at the 2018 winter olympics with big olympics rings behind them

This unique winter-spring term program provided 20 students with an once-in-a-lifetime learning experience during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games held in South Korea. They assisted athletes at the Luge completion.

Dr. Sooun Lee, the FSB faculty member who helped create and launch the program shared the below message with everyone in the Miami University community:

“Our students (have) just completed the mission to support the Luge games in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. I have received many complements from the venue functional managers about the quality of our students’ works and efforts and the high spirit of their volunteerism throughout to help run this global event successfully. Our students had to deal with very severe weather conditions (sometimes wind-chill of -10F as the sliding center is located on top of a high mountain and very windy) from time to time. I am very, very proud of all of our twenty students to complete this challenging task without failure! And I believe all of you in Oxford (are) too!”

Our Olympic volunteering story was aired on NBC and the students were also the main feature in an edition of KTV-National Cable TV News, together with Yonsei University and Meiji University (Japan) volunteer students. While it is in Korean, our student interviews are in English.

Miami students are Kate Allred, Morgan Burnell, Dylan Castner, Catherine Costa, Cameron Devitt, Cameron Green, Grace Hamilton, Trevor Martens, Dylan Mueller, Andrew Newman, Collin O'Sullivan, Michael Reimer, Elizabeth Rowan, Karli Schivitz, Daniel Schleitweiler, Tyler Schmitz, Patrick Sexton, Bradley Toth, Thanh Thuy Tran, and Natalie Turton.