Farmer School of Business exterior in the fall. Large building with clock tower and pillars over the entrance surrounded by trees turning orange.

Business Core

Beginning fall 2016, all students admitted to the Farmer School of Business must complete the revised common core of business courses. They include prerequisite courses, BQ courses, 200-level courses, 300-level courses and other requirements. In addition, students must earn 128 total credit hours, complete at least 64 hours of course work in non-business departments (maximum of six hours of statistics courses and nine hours of economics courses may apply), and earn at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all business courses attempted. Business core courses include:


CSE 148 Business Computing (3)
ISA/STA 125* Introduction to Business Statistics (3) [can be met by STA 261 credit]
MTH 151 Calculus 1 (5)

First-Year Integrated Core:

BUS 101** Introduction to the BQ model of Business Decision-Making and Execution (2)
BUS 102** Foundations of Business Communication (2)
ESP 103** Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking (2)
BUS 104** Introduction to Computational Thinking for Business (2)
[BUS 101, BUS 102, ESP 103 and BUS 104 are co-requisites and must be taken concurrently.]


ACC 221 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
ACC 222 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3)
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3) (MPF IIC)
ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) (MPF IIC)
ISA 225* Principles of Business Analytics (3)
ISA 235 Information Technology and the Intelligent Enterprise (3)
MGT 291 Introduction to Management and Leadership (3)
MKT 291 Principles of Marketing (3)


BLS 342 Legal Environment of Business (3)
FIN 301 Introduction to Business Finance (3)
MGT 302 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (3)
BUS/ENG/STC 308*** Advanced Business Communication (3)
[ENG 111, BUS 101, BUS 102, ESP 103 and BUS 104 are prerequisites for BUS/ENG/STC 308.]

Other Requirements

FSB Capstones (3-4)
Diversity Requirement (3-4)

Suggested Course Pattern:

Typically, coursework at the 100- and 200-level will be scheduled during the first and second years, 300-level courses will be taken in the second and third years and 400-level courses will be taken in the senior year. You will work with your advisors to schedule your coursework appropriate with your preparation and academic goals. Students should complete 200-level coursework no later than the fifth semester.

For students admitted to Miami University prior to Fall 2016, the following business core requirements are in effect:

  • *ISA 205 (4 hours), or STA 261 + ISA 203 (1 hour), is the required business statistics course; ISA/STA 125 and ISA 225 are not required. 
  • **BUS 101 (3 hours) and 102 (1 hour) are required; ESP 103 (2 hours) and BUS 104 (2 hours) are not. If you did not complete BUS 101 and 102 before Fall 2016, you will need to take the BQ. 
  • ***STC 135 is the required communications course; BUS/ENG/STC 308 is not required. If you complete the BQ, you may elect to take BUS/ENG/STC 308 instead of STC 135 to fulfill the communications requirement.