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Entrepreneurship Co-Major

Entrepreneurship and the ability to recognize opportunities to create viable, sustainable solutions are skills needed across all disciplines. The Entrepreneurship Co-Major exposes students to the mindset and behavior of successful entrepreneurs as well as the principles and concepts associated with entrepreneurship in startup, social, creative, and corporate ventures. The program complements majors in all of Miami’s academic divisions and promotes the applications of entrepreneurial concepts in support of each student’s passion, regardless of major. Entrepreneurship courses are for those interested in building a new business, adding value to an existing organization, or learning the skills necessary in every workforce. The Co-Major provides a framework for understanding entrepreneurship from a variety of disciplines and application of entrepreneurial skill sets to meet societal and workplace demands. 

Co-Major Information

  • 31 credit hours
  • Open to all students.
  • Must have a primary major to graduate.
  • Fulfills the thematic sequence requirement for non-business majors. Does NOT fulfill the thematic sequence requirement for business majors. 
  • The Entrepreneurship Co-Major requires an application for admission; a limited number of students will be admitted each year. Contact Dr. Jim Friedman,, for more information.
  • Pre-requisite information available in the Miami Bulletin.
  • Additional Resources:

Co-Major Requirements


  • ESP 101
  • ESP 201
  • ESP 251
  • ESP 252
  • ESP 401
  • ESP 461

Select Two of the following content courses:

  • ESP 321
  • ESP 331
  • ESP 341
  • ESP 351

Select 9 hours from the following (must differ from selections above):

  • ESP 102
  • ESP 321
  • ESP 331
  • ESP 341
  • ESP 351
  • ESP 481
  • ESP 477 (maximum 3 hours)
  • ESP 490 (maximum 6 hours)

Created by FSB Advising, July 2017