Spring 2018

IDS 154  (2 credits)—Introduction to Study Abroad

TR | 4:25 pm - 5:55 pm | 02/05/18 to 03/31/18 | MMH 114

Instructor: Kerry Strader

Introduces students to cultural basics, skills, and host-country specifics required for maximizing their study abroad experience and for respecting and interacting with people in other cultures. Students will consider questions, issues, and challenges that will be part of their travel, study, and daily lives while studying abroad and develop tools for increased cultural competencies.

Prerequisite: second semester sophomore, junior, or senior standing.

IDS 156  (1 credit)—Study Abroad Re-Entry

T | 4:25pm - 5:55pm | 02/12/18 to 05/19/18 | MMH 115

Instructor: Jacqueline Del Carmen Rioja Velarde

Explores meanings of the student's international education experience. Limited to students in their first semester following a study abroad experience.

IDS 159 (3 credit)—Strength Through Cultural Diversity

MWF | 11:40 am - 12:45 pm | 02/12/18 to 05/19/18 | UPH 249

MWF | 1:15 pm - 2:20 pm | 02/12/18 to 05/19/18 | UPH 249

MWF | 2:50 pm - 3:55 pm | 02/12/18 to 05/19/18 | UPH 249

Instructor: Fatima Emlemd

Serves as an interdisciplinary introduction to diversity. A primary goal of this course is to facilitate students' abilities to build their cultural competencies and their abilities to work toward a socially just and inclusive world by providing the conceptual tools and vocabulary to think about, discuss and experience diversity. Topics covered include multiculturalism, ethnocentrism, prejudice, discrimination, privilege, the impacts of social and cultural change, and the engagement of students in the global community. IC, IIC, IIIB.

IDS 177 (1-3 credits)—Independent Study

IDS 259—Introduction to the Miami Tribe of  Oklahoma

Offers an interdisciplinary examination of the Myaamia as a living people, within a living culture - a people with a past, present and future. Explores pre-contact economy, social and political organization; the historic period of contact, treaties and federal legislation and the cultural basis of Myaamia responses; and present-day issues of concern to the dependent sovereign nation of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. IC.

Fall 2017

IDS 153 An Introduction to the Music and Dance of India-Evolution and Transformation
IDS 154  (2 credits)—Introduction to Study Abroad
IDS 156  (1 credit)—Study Abroad Re-Entry
IDS 159 (3 credit)—Strength Through Cultural Diversity

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