Academic Training

General information

Academic training is work authorization for students in J-1 status. The student must have an internship, practicum or job offer (paid or unpaid) related to their major field of study. The work can be done anywhere in the U.S. and can be full or part time. This work authorization is processed by ISSS and can be done in 1 - 2 weeks. There is no fee associated with this work authorization.

Length of work authorization

Students are eligible for up to 18 months of academic training provided that amount does not exceed amount of time spent studying. For example, if your academic program is for one semester (four months) your academic training cannot exceed this amount of time. Up to 36 months may be possible for those who pursue and complete a Ph.D. program.

When to apply

Students can apply for academic training before the completion of their program, but they must maintain normal academic progress. Students can also apply for academic training to begin after the end of their academic program, but they must submit complete application no less than two weeks prior to program completion to be eligible and must start employment within 30 day grace period.

How to apply

Students should meet with an advisor to discuss their plans to apply for academic training. The materials that need to be submitted are:

  1. Employment offer letter
  2. Financial documentation covering necessary expenses for duration of academic training
  3. Confirmation of health insurance throughout the period of academic training
  4. Letter from advisor stating the goals of the training program, how the position relates to your major and is integral to your program and a description of the program including location, supervisor, number of hours a week, and dates of training.