STEM plus nutrition can add up to a healthy diet: Tour Miami's new Food Sensory Lab
When students in Miami University's kinesiology and health department solve a math problem, they eat it. Really.
Biology graduate students win top presentation awards
Three graduate students from Miami University won best presentation awards at the Midwest Society for Developmental Biology annual meeting held Oct. 18-20 at the University of Michigan.
Are charter schools responding to parent dissatisfaction?
With charter school legislation in debate this week in Ohio, Miami University faculty member Andrew Saultz' recent study reviewing the supply side of charter schools reveals some interesting findings about where new charter schools locate.
Undergraduate Researcher Studies: Women's Access to Education in the Middle East
Educating women is the number one signal of progress in underdeveloped countries, since bringing females into the workforce and providing them with skills and education to support themselves creates an influx of skilled workers and raises the literacy and education rate of the entire nation. It makes the next generation more likely to be more educated or skilled, and therefore snowballs the development of these nations.
Amy Summerville, Jennifer Blue and Brian Kirkmeyer awarded NSF grant to boost student success in STEM fields
Three Miami faculty have received a multiyear $360,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF to conduct research on student performance in a pre-engineering course.
Andrew Saultz and educational leaderships students find interesting results
Educational researcher examines forces driving demand for charter schools, written by Heather Beatty Johnston, OARS "Andrew Saultz was surprised to find that parental dissatisfaction in pockets of New York City did not seem to drive charter schools to open in that area."
3-D technology puts human ancestor bone replicas into Miami students' hands
With the help of Jeb Card, visiting assistant professor of anthropology, and John Williams of Miami’s Business, Engineering, Science and Technology (B.E.S.T.) Library, copies of fossil jawbones, teeth and a finger bone were processed and printed using a 3-D printer at the B.E.S.T. Library.
Science Writing Contest Winners
In spring 2015 the Howe Writing Center and the Office of Research for Undergraduates hosted the first annual Science Writing Contest for undergraduate researchers from STEM disciplines, including the social sciences.
Undergraduate Research Application Deadlines
Oct 12, 2015 Application Deadline for URA and DUOS programs sponsored by Miami's Office of Research for Undergraduates.
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