Graduate Achievement Award

Qiuyuan Huang, Geology, "Microbial Diversity in Ten Hot Springs on the Tibetan Plateau, China"

Qiuyuan Huang

Qiuyuan Huang, a doctoral student in the Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science, has been awarded a Graduate Achievement Award in the amount of $200 for her research in the work "Microbial Diversity in Ten Hot Springs on the Tibetan Plateau, China."  Huang's work was advised by Dr. Hailiang Dong and concerns microbial communities in hot springs, specifically the diversity of Achaea and bacteria in ten various hot springs in central and central-eastern Tibet.  The preliminary data of the study was presented  at the 2010 American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting held in San Francisco, California and at the 2011 International Conference on Geomicrobial Ecotoxicology in Wuhan, China. 

Research of carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial hot springs is highly significant and Huang's work provides increased knowledge to the scientific community about the origination of life on earth.  Huang's future research will focus on understanding how carbon and nitrogen cycles function at high temperatures and the role of thermophiles, microbial organisms, in those cycles.