Student Writing Support

The Howe Writing Center (HWC) supports Miami students, faculty, and alumni with the writing they do for any class, as well as presentations, personal statements, resumes, application cover letters, scholarly articles, and personal writing. 

Below are links to various resources to help faculty introduce the Howe Writing Center and its services to their students, including a video to show in class, a statement for syllabi, and information about our various appointment types.

Introduce Students to the HWC

  • Introductory Videos. Share our accessible videos that introduce the HWC, our services, and our scheduling system.
  • Support Statements. Tell your students about the HWC on your syllabus or in Canvas.
  • Onsite Visits. Request to bring your students to the HWC for an in-person introduction to our services.
  • Recurring Appointments. Request a recurring appointment for a student, for 4 or more weeks.
  • Required Appointments. Request to require your students to schedule with the HWC. 

Student Appointments

These links will take you to the HWC website.

  • On-Campus. Students meet us at one of our locations on the Oxford campus.
  • Live Online (Synchronous). Students work with us in real-time, over video or text-chat. We work in Google Hangouts and Google Docs.
  • Written Online (Asynchronous). Students receive written and audiovisual feedback, in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.