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Embedded Disciplinary Consultants

Faculty members or departments whose faculty teams have completed the Howe Faculty Writing Fellows Program are eligible to request additional types of support from our Howe Student Writing Center to enable them to carry out their writing-related curricular designs.

One option is to request an embedded disciplinary consultant. If departments have an advanced writing course (whether official or unofficial), they might work with us to specially train student consultants to work with the students and faculty member in that course. These student consultants might attend all class periods and then have designated consulting hours in that department, classroom, or lab setting.

The benefit of embedded disciplinary consultants is that they have more content and genre knowledge about the discipline, and will work closely with faculty members in that area to ensure that disciplinary conventions and values are being communicated accurately to students.

Other similar types of support are possible, depending on need, including liaisons to departments or programs or specialized training for GTAs working in a particular area with high-impact courses.

Howe Faculty Fellows will consider options for this type of extended support at the end of the Fellows training program.