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Faculty Writing Groups

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence provides intensive opportunities for faculty to make progress and receive support and feedback on their own writing projects. These include Faculty Writing Groups, where faculty members are paired with a small group for a semester or academic year and meet weekly or bi-weekly in order to receive feedback on their work. Doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of our Dissertation Completion Groups, to help them make sustained and accountable progress on their writing.

Faculty Writing Groups

Completing writing projects takes sustained time and effort, as well as support and feedback from colleagues and other readers. Interested faculty members are put into small groups of 3 to 5 by college or interest. Groups are encouraged to meet on a bi-weekly basis in the Howe Center to read one another’s work and take advantage of available feedback and resources from the Howe Writing Center consultants as well as the King librarians. To register for Fall 2017, use our form below.

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Dissertation Completion Groups

Completing dissertations can be a challenge. Once students are no longer regularly interacting with others in a classroom setting, they can find themselves drifting, discouraged, and uninspired. To assist, the Howe Center for Writing Excellence is piloting Dissertation Completion Groups during the 2016-17 school year. Doctoral students from any college who have completed their exams were placed into groups with others from their college or with related interests. Students who no longer live in Oxford were grouped with other distance students to form a virtual support group.

Students are encouraged to read one another’s work on a bi-weekly basis, take regular advantage of Howe Writing Center consultations, and consult with King librarians.

We will post the group memberships by mid-September and provide each group with information about when, how, and where to meet, and what resources are available. All participants will be invited to the Dissertation Completion Group Kick-Off on Friday, October 7, from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM in the HCWE conference room. Participants who live out of state can participate virtually. The day will consist of goal-setting with your group members, an opportunity to consult with librarians and the HCWE staff, and enrollment in the Canvas support site where resources will be made available.