Student Staff

The Howe Writing Center has a team of graduate and undergraduate consultants, support staff, and graphic designers.

Our team come from all across disciplines at Miami. Read through their bios below. If you're looking to schedule an appointment with a consultant from a particular area of study, take note of each consultant's academic discipline in parentheses next to their name.

Graduate Writing Consultants

AJ (Composition & Rhetoric) is a third-year doctoral student who earned his Bachelor's degree in English writing from Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana (now known as Purdue University Fort Wayne). He earned his Master's degree in English education from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. He also currently works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of English.

Katherine (Psychology) is a fourth-year doctoral student whose research focuses on the effects of stress on physiological and cognitive processes. Through both her research and teaching experiences, she has gained familiarity with scientific writing, APA style and statistical reporting, and research methods.

Madison (Creative Writing) is a second-year MFA student with a focus in creative nonfiction and interactive media forms. Her creative and scholarly work often focuses on engaged, accessible digital humanities and virtual media, experimental modes of perspective and personal writing, and the internet-age space of storytelling.

Miranda (Social Gerontology) hopes to one day become a professor. Her graduate assistant research involves person-centered care and living preferences for older adults. She consulted at the Howe Writing Center for two years as an undergraduate and has experience with both professional and creative writing.

Faiz (Accountancy) is a master's student who graduated from Miami in 2019. He worked at EY for a year before returning to pursue his graduate degree. As an undergraduate, he consulted at the Howe Writing Center for two years.

Frenci (Creative Writing) is a second-year graduate student pursuing her M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction. Her academic and creative interests include hermit crab essays, personal narrative, memoir, the Japanese language, LGBT studies/issues, cultural identity, and cultural diaspora. After graduation, Frenci hopes to work as a Writing Center Coordinator or become part of the staff at an LGBT center.

Liannie (Geology) is a third-year PhD student with goals of becoming a professor. Her research focuses on studying the geochemistry of volcanic rocks from Bolivia. She is experienced in scientific writing, developing research methods, and peer-reviewing. As a Latina, she enjoys mentoring underrepresented minority students and actively participates in social media outreach initiatives.

Mary (Latin Education)is a second-year master's student with a background in Classics and Sociology. She plans to become a classroom teacher. Mary genuinely enjoys reviewing and revising her friends' writings, so she joined the HWC to get paid for it.

Matt (Business Management) is a first-year master's student who completed his undergraduate degree at Miami university majoring in History. He also has extensive experience writing scientific research papers and grants.

Murielle (French)  is a graduate student whose writing interests focus on fiction (prose and poetry) and non-fiction (academic writing). She will be graduating in August 2021.

Rachel (Creative Writing) is a second-year MFA student specializing in fiction. She previously studied writing at Allegheny College and has worked as a high school English teacher. Her academic and creative interests include novel writing, short fiction, identity literature, feminism, environmental literature, hybrid forms, and experimental storytelling.

Salma (Composition & Rhetoric) is a third-year doctoral student whose research interests include digital public rhetorics, feminist hashtag activism, and affect theories. She is familiar with diverse research methodologies and is experienced in working with second language writers across the curriculum.

Shatha (Composition & Rhetoric) is a fourth-year doctoral student whose research interests lie between the fields of rhetorical history and comparative rhetorics. In particular, for her dissertation project, she aspires to do a comparative work that focuses on the history of Medieval Arabic philosophical thought, argumentation, and rhetorical syllogism in relation to Greco-Roman tradition.

Undergraduate Writing Consultants

Adrienne (Professional Writing, Emerging Technology in Business & Design) is a senior who writes for UP Magazine and also interns with the College of Arts and Science Communications department. Off campus, she is a writer and content creator for a non-profit that works to create healthier lives by increasing access to proper, effective care in rural Dominican Republic. Along with writing, she enjoys working in the sphere of communications, digital and social media, and design.

Aja (Professional Writing) is a junior who enjoys reading digital rhetoric magazines and reading romance maga. After graduating, she would like to go on to editing or take a corporate position and further integrate effective rhetorical tactics into digital marketing.

David (Journalism, American Studies) is a junior who writes for The Miami Student and is the paper's culture & entertainment editor. Outside of school, his interests are pop culture, pop music, movies, TV and podcasts.

Elena (Professional Writing, Digital Marketing) works with service dogs in training and may have a dog with her during consultations. She has experience with technical writing, social media management, marketing, and content strategy. Elena currently works for a software startup in Cincinnati and aspires to continue her work in the startup space after graduation.

Elizabeth (Professional Writing, Creative Writing) is a junior who who hopes to go to law school after graduation and one day publish her own work in poetry and fiction.

Grace (Linguistics) is a fourth year whose creative writing includes work on novels, flash fiction, and short stories. She is also an Office Manager for an academic summer camp—at the office Grace works daily on marketing, copyediting education materials, and managing professional correspondence with clients.

Jack (Finance, Chinese) is a senior who plans to work in the financial services industry in some capacity.

Jake (Information Systems & Analytics, Accounting, Finance) is a senior pursuing a triple major. After graduation, he plans to become a consultant for a professional services firm.

Kendra (Creative Writing, Professional Writing) is a junior whose writing interests include fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as the occasional poem. She is also a member of SPEAK, Miami's student-run poetry club.

Mady (English Literature, Professional Writing, Social Justice Studies) is a third year who plans on focusing on a publishing track hopefully pursuing it after graduating. She enjoys historical fiction, crafting and painting.

Marie (Professional Writing, Emerging Technology in Business & Design) is a third year who hopes to some day work at a publishing house in their editing or marketing departments. Recently, she started running social media accounts for her music fraternity, and she looks forward to exploring the relationship between technology and marketing in this role.

Martin (Botany and Sustainability) is a fourth year who plans on furthering his education with a focus on ecology and food-systems. He sees written language as an invaluable tool for all academic/professional fields, but particularly in the sciences. Martin tries to spend most his free time outside: hiking, gardening, or just sitting with a book.

Vasudha (Finance, Mathematics) is a senior whose writing interests mainly include professional and business writing. Going forward, she hopes to enroll in a Finance Ph.D.program.

Zoe (Marketing, Professional Writing) is a third year who plans to enter the publishing field and work as an editor at a publishing firm in New York City.

Support Staff

Danielle is a junior Kinesiology, pre-PA student. She plans to go to physicians assistant school with a focus on dermatology. She is currently a part of Medlife where she enjoys volunteering to feed the homeless in Cincinnati. She is also involved in her social sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Gabby is a senior biology major on the pre-med track. She has worked as both a consultant and support staff member. After graduating this upcoming spring, she plans to take a gap year to gain more clinical experience and then attend medical school. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, reading, Bachelor Mondays, and time with her family, friends, and brand new puppy.

Jack is a senior who plans to work in the financial services industry in some capacity. He is also a HWC consultant.

Lauren is a senior finance major in the Farmer School of Business. After graduation, she hopes to start a finance career in a new city! Outside of classes, Lauren enjoys going on walks and watching tv with her housemates.

Liam is a sophomore ITS and REES major. After graduation, he plans to work overseas, hopefully in Russia or Eastern Europe. Liam also enjoys playing guitar, card games, and cooking.

Molly is a senior speech pathology and audiology major with a minor in disability studies. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school for speech pathology. Outside of school, Molly enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.