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Dissertation Completion Groups

Completing dissertations can be a challenge. Once students are no longer regularly interacting with others in a classroom setting, they can find themselves drifting, discouraged, and uninspired. We encourage doctoral students to join a Dissertation Completion Group, so they can make sustained and accountable progress on their writing.

Doctoral students who have completed their exams will be placed into on-campus or virtual groups with others from their college or with related interests. Group members are encouraged to read one another’s work on a bi-weekly basis, take regular advantage of Howe Writing Center consultations, consult with King librarians, keep each other accountable, and provide encouragement and support.

Groups will be formed in early Spring 2018 with a kick-off workshop in February for all participants. This year, the HCWE will also offer monthly workshops on topics of interest to keep participants motivated, engaged with each other, the HCWE, and their writing.

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