Accessible Technology

The accessible technology initiative is addressing the requirements mandated in the recent Department of Justice consent decree. This summer, the Assistive Technology team will move into their new space in Shriver Center. The AccessMU Center will be a resource for students, faculty and staff to learn more about accessibility.

12/21/2017 Update

The ATS team welcomed Autumn Meade (Miami '09) as Accessible Technology Coordinator. She'll be helping to oversee accessibility audits and provide key support. Welcome to the team, Autumn! 

ATS is also on the hunt for a student intern for J-term and beyond. This person will provide technical assistance and functions to the AT team as well as to University faculty, students, and staff. For more information, please see the job listing.

9/22/2017 Update

The ATS team has been busy with the start of the Fall semester. Over the past few weeks, the team has:

  • Moved into the new AT offices in Shriver Center
  • The Accessible Technology Committee met on 9/7.
  • Began setting up the logistics for the AT Audit stakeholder interviews that will be held 9/19 - 9/21
  • Started communicating the recently approved AT Policy
  • Screening candidates for AT Coordinator position
  • Continuing planning for AT Symposium, scheduled for October 10-13 at Shriver Center

8/4/2017  Update

Team members have been out of the office, so no update this period. The team is preparing for the move to their new home in Shriver Center – planned for later this month.

6/16/2017  Update

Over the past few weeks, the team has:

  • Finalized and provided Accessible Technology Staff training
  • Completed the second Quarterly Progress Report. This report details Miami’s progress in meeting the Decree’s technology-related requirements. The report has been sent to the CIO & OEEO.

5/1/2017  Update

Training took place last week for creating and remediating PDFs. Sessions were offered in Oxford and at the Regionals.