Who Are We?

We want to hear from you!

Please contact anyone on the committee if you have an idea you'd like to share, would like to get involved, or are interested in more information. We are eager to connect with you.

Peg Faimon, Co-chair (Department of Art) peg.faimon@miamioh.edu
Glenn Platt, Co-chair (Interactive Media Studies) glenn.platt@miamioh.edu

Craig Bennett (Intercollegiate Athletics) bennetcj@miamioh.edu 
Amy Berg (student) bergae@miamioh.edu
Tricia Callahan (Advancement of Research & Scholarship) callahtl@miamioh.edu
Jim Friedman (Marketing) jim.friedman@miamioh.edu
Ann Haley Mackenzie (Teacher Education) mackenah@miamioh.edu
Kim Kinsel (Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services) kinselkk@miamioh.edu
Maddie Lazarski (student) lazarsme@miamioh.edu
Tim Melley (Humanities Center & English) melleytd@miamioh.edu
Michelle Rosecrans (University Advancement) martin63@miamioh.edu
Beth Rubin (eLearning Miamirubinb@miamioh.edu
Susan Schaurer (Enrollment Management & Student Success) susan.schaurer@miamioh.edu
Buffy Stoll Turton (Student Affairs) stolle@miamioh.edu
Rich Taylor (Liberal Education) taylorrt@miamioh.edu
Steve Thole (IT Services) tholesm@miamioh.edu
Doug Troy (College of Engineering & Computing) troyda@miamioh.edu
Elias Tzoc Caniz (University Libraries) tzoce@miamioh.edu
Jason Walters (University Communications & Marketing) walterj4@miamioh.edu

Alumni Member: John Foster