The College of Engineering and Computing offers you the chance to change the world

As an engineer or computer scientist you provide solutions to today's most pressing problems. You work on grand challenges from health care to environmentally friendly designs on systems that affect all of us both locally and globally.  Your education takes place at a residential school with nearly all our students living on campus or in town. This means lots of involvement for you in  campus life. Extracurricular involvement is an important part of Miami’s concept of a well-rounded education, as is the liberal arts education core. These aspects complement the more specialized courses in our majors and give students the skills to do well in a rapidly-changing world.


  • Dean Dollar with some female engineering tennis players

    Game, Set, Match

    Andreea Badileanu, Ana Rajkovic, and Anastasiia Vasiukhina all balance an athlete’s lifestyle with an engineering course load. Dean Marek Dollár got a glimpse of their busy lives when he visited their home court: the tennis court, that is. Read the rest of the article in The CEC Experience.

  • PSEF LogoThe Paper Science & Engineering Foundation (PSEF) at Miami University recently awarded eight Bob and Barbara Williams Leadership Scholarships to students in the paper science and engineering curriculum who demonstrate superior leadership, creativity, and academic achievements. These prestigious awards are full tuition scholarships.

    Read the full story in The CEC Experience

  • Lyndsey McMillion

    18 of the Last 9 Honoree Lyndsey McMillon to Visit Campus in October

    Lyndsey has always been passionate about increasing the involvement of minorities and women in STEM professions. She makes strides toward this goal by serving as a NASA Student Ambassador, which allows her to visit schools to encourage students to pursue STEM.  Read More

  • usa today logo

    Read about the 5 highest paying degrees of 2015. Hint: Engineering is #1 and Computer Science is #2!


Why engineering matters...

When the world has a problem, engineers and computer scientists are the ones who step up to provide an answer. Their work is creating solutions. Become an engineer or computer scientist and your work will change the world!