Calendar GraphicWinter Registration is open for all students.

Winter Term offers opportunities to enhance the Miami experience by studying abroad; participating in research, internships, or experiential learning; and completing a thematic sequence. Register for Winter Term now!

Account Holds Prevent Registration

A variety of holds may be placed on your record that will restrict registration. To view holds on your record, login to myMiami. Hold alerts and instructions for clearing the hold will appear at the top of the page after you login.

How/When Do I Register For Classes?

Registration dates and times are subject to change. Students are advised to view their registration time ticket in BannerWeb for their personal registration dates/times.

  1. Log on to MyMiami and click the link to BannerWeb.
  2. Select “Student Services and Financial Aid”
  3. Select “Registration”
  4. Select “Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates and Times” to view your registration time as well as any registration holds that may be on your record. Any and all holds that restrict your registration will be listed here along with contact information for the appropriate office. You must clear your holds before registration will be permitted.
  5. Select “Registration/Change of Schedule” to begin the registration process, or select “Look Up Courses to Add” to view a list of courses.


Oxford students are limited to scheduling no more than 17 credit hours during their registration date/time window (students in the College of Engineering and Computing have an 18 credit hour limit). During the open registration period students may register for additional hours up to a maximum of 20 credit hours.

Regional students are limited to 20 credit hours because regional registration is always an open registration period.