Cover Sheet

Academic Agreement Review Cover Sheet


Please include this completed cover sheet when submitting MOUs or Detailed Agreements to the President’s or Provost’s office for signature.




Submitted By:



Initiating Department or Office:



Partner Institution:



Memorandum of Understanding

Detailed Agreement


Date Reviewed

Reviewed by:



□ Relevant Chair(s) or Program Director(s) _____________________________



Relevant Academic Dean(s)

□ _______________________________________________________________


□ Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management for undergraduate MOUs or MSAs

□ Assistant Provost for Global Initiatives for international MOUs or MSAs

□ Dean of the Graduate School/Associate Provost for Research & Scholarship for graduate and research MOUs

□ Assistant Provost for e-Learning for MOUs involving e-learning

□ Director of Office of Community Engagement & Service for Service-Learning MOUs


Other Reviewers (if needed)


□ __________________________________________________________


□ ___________________________________________________________



□ General Counsel


□ President

□ Provost




Revised 05/2014, Academic Partnerships Committee