Ride Along Request

The Miami University Police Department participates in the Ride-Along Program, in which an interested person can be an official passenger in a patrol vehicle. The passenger accompanies a police officer during part of a normal tour of duty. The primary purpose of a Police Ride-Along is to provide an opportunity for the community to see first-hand the day to day workings of law enforcement at Miami University. The Ride-Along guest receives important insight into what it means to be a police officer. Criminal Justice students and people interested in a career in law enforcement have found this program particularly useful. The Ride-Along Program fosters a better understanding of the challenges, hazards, and rewards of being a police officer at Miami University. This program also provides an opportunity for citizens to get to know their police officers and to know what to expect if they ever have a need to call for police assistance. The Ride-Along Program also provides an opportunity for police officers to get to know their community. If you are interested in scheduling a Ride-Along, please complete the form below.

Please note:

  • Appropriate dress code for Ride-Along will be enforced. Dress is casual, but professional; for example, jeans and a nice shirt. Most footwear is acceptable. Inappropriate clothing/shoes include: shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts, and flip flops.
  • Cancellation of scheduled Ride Along should be made by calling 513-529-2222.
  • Maximum Time of Ride-Along will be set at 5 hours.