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A.A.S. Two-Year Career Option

Program overview

Computer and Information Technology focuses on the development and support of computing systems. The Computer and Information Technology (Career Option) major allows the choice of one of two concentrations that are essential to computing: Networking and Software Development.

The Networking concentration prepares students to design, install, support, and maintain security for computer networks, maintain hardware and software, and analyze and troubleshoot problems.

The Software Development and Support concentration prepares students to design, create and maintain programs in a variety of current programming languages, understand and use operating systems, and use and support application programs.

Curriculum overview

See Miami University's General Bulletin for core program requirements for this A.A.S. degree (career option).

Career possibilities for graduates

The proliferation of computers into every aspect of business and industry has created a high demand for technically skilled professionals who can design computer programs and systems, support users, and provide administration and maintenance of computer networks. This demand is expected to grow into the next decade.

How do I get started?

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