Thematic Sequence

CMR 1 Perspective in Sales and Customer Service

Regardless of one’s educational or career aspirations, an understanding of how companies, institutions and governments attract and satisfy their customers is a valuable skill. Organizations reward those employees, whatever their position, who are able to understand and assist in the ongoing process of adding and keeping customers. Students will be encouraged and challenged to expand their understanding beyond the skills of constructing a marketing plan or ad campaign to explore marketing in ways that will extend their sense of moral commitment, ethical understanding and civic action. This Thematic Sequence lays a strong foundation of broad marketing principles with an in-depth look at both the promotional tools to attract new customers and strategies and tactics to service them.


CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing 3
CMR 261 Customer Service & Satisfaction 3
CMR 263 Sales and Promotions 3

Total Credit Hours: 9

Note: Not open to students with majors or minors in business.