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Bachelor of Commerce

In the Department of Commerce, we offer a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, with four majors. These majors draw courses from a variety of disciplines to prepare students to work in the small business sector, in sales and management roles, and in digital commerce.

Associate of Applied Business

In the Department of Commerce, we offer an Associate of Applied Business (A.A.B.) degree for those who want to enter business fields and those who want to improve their career opportunities. The A.A.B. degree requires 66 semester hours.

This associate degree emphasizes the development of practical business skills. As a part of the program, although not required, paying co-op positions are available to provide valuable work experience. Graduates without extensive work experience typically start in entry-level, management-support positions and advance to more responsible positions with experience, motivation, and ability.

See Miami University's General Bulletin for core program requirements for A.A.B degree.

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Thematic Sequence

For students who enrolled at Miami prior to fall 2023.

CMR 1 Perspective in Sales and Customer Service

Regardless of one’s educational or career aspirations, an understanding of how companies, institutions, and governments attract and satisfy their customers is a valuable skill. Organizations reward those employees, whatever their position, who are able to understand and assist in the ongoing process of adding and keeping customers. Students will be encouraged and challenged to expand their understanding beyond the skills of constructing a marketing plan or ad campaign to explore marketing in ways that will extend their sense of moral commitment, ethical understanding and civic action. This Thematic Sequence lays a strong foundation of broad marketing principles with an in-depth look at both the promotional tools to attract new customers and strategies and tactics to service them.


CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing 3
CMR 261 Customer Service & Satisfaction 3
CMR 263 Sales and Promotions 3

Total Credit Hours: 9

Note: Not open to students with majors or minors in business.

CMR 2 Organizational Leadership

Regardless of one's educational or career aspirations, an understanding of organizational leadership principles and practices can enhance effectiveness "on the job" along with career satisfaction and career advancement. Whether one finds satisfaction in being an individual contributor or seeks a management career track, acquiring fundamental leadership skills can significantly increase one's ability to work through complex assignments, manage projects, coordinate the efforts of teams, and communicate thoughts and results convincingly, regardless of the audience. The student will be encouraged and challenged to explore the personal skills and attitudes that help to build success in a career, to develop a working knowledge of how to analyze data when making important decisions, and to apply all of these skills to real-world leadership challenges through a Service-Learning-oriented leadership course. This thematic sequence is designed to supply theoretical and practical knowledge of organizational leadership principals that students can readily use in pursuing any career.


CMR 301 Personal Organizational Skills 3
CMR 302 Financial Information for Managers 3
CMR 401 Leadership Decision Skills 4

Total Credit Hours: 10

Note: Not open to students with majors or minors in business.


Here is a list of the approved CMR related Microcredentials:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing, Planning & Analysis
  • Preparing Emerging Managers
  • Sales & Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Sales & Promotion
  • Organizational Financial Analysis
  • Organizational Leadership

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