RN-BSN Curriculum

(Beginning with fall 2017, catalog year 2018)

Prerequisites for Admission to Program:

•  Be a Registered Nurse with an unencumbered license.
• GPA of 2.0
• ENG (3) ENG 111
   MBI (4) MBI 161
   Soc Sci (3) select from PSY 111, SOC 151
• Associate Degree Nursing Courses (28 credit hours)*

* 28 credit hours must be from an NLN accredited AD nursing program. Graduates of non-accredited AD programs, proprietary programs and diploma programs may meet this requirement by successfully completing NSG 301, NSG 311, and NSG 313.

Support Courses and Miami Plan Education Plan

BIO 232 or 325 (3/4) - Human Genetics or Pathophysiology
MBI 361 (3) - Epidemiology

Foundation II. Creative Arts, Humanities, and Social Science (9 hrs. total)*

A. (3) Creative Arts
B. (3) Humanities
C. (3) met by Social Science taken as prerequisite

Foundation III. Global Perspectives (6 hrs.) *

A. (6) Study Abroad, or
B. (6) G-Courses

Foundation IV. Natural Science (6 hours, must include one laboratory science)

A. (3) Biological Science, (eg. MBI 161, BIO 171)
B. (3) Physical Science (e.g. CHM 131)

Foundation V. Math, Formal Reasoning, Technology (3 hrs.)

Suggestions: STA 261 (if planning to go to graduate school); CSE 151

Intercultural Perspectives (3)

Advanced Writing Course (3)

Thematic Sequence (9)

Thematic sequence requirement can be met through Biomedical Science I,
which includes MBI 161, BIO 232 or 325, MBI 361; other options are available.

Nursing Courses:  32 credit hours

NSG 301       (3)  Theory Based Nursing Practice
NSG 311       (3)  Health Promotion Across Lifespan
NSG 313       (2)  Assessment of Well Individual
NSG 317       (3)  Teaching Strategies in Health Care
NSG 418       (3)  Complex Health Problems
NSG 420       (2)  Focused Practicum in Baccalaureate and Expanded Nursing Roles
NSG 331       (3)  Introduction to Nursing Research
NSG 402       (3)  Professional Nurse Leader
NSG 430       (4)  Nursing Care of Aggregates: Families and Communities
NSG 435       (3)  Challenges in Health Care Delivery
NSG Elective  (3)  Variable Topics in Nursing (see below)

Sequencing of Courses

NSG 301 must be taken before or concurrently with NSG 311, 400 level courses
NSG 331, 301, 311, 313 must be taken before or concurrently with first clinical course (N420 or N431)
MBI 361 must be taken before or concurrently with N430
NSG 435 is to be taken within last two semesters of enrollment

Nursing Electives

NSG 305          Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare - meets Global requirement also
NSG 341          Caring and Terminal Illness
NSG 343          Healthcare Informatics
NSG 380/380S  Grief and Mourning: A Global Perspective
NSG 382          Creativity, Creative Arts, Health and Aging
NSG 399          Global Health Perspectives and Challenges in Central America
NSG 441          Health and Aging: Current Perspectives and Issues
NSG 477          Independent Study (arranged with faculty)


Students may take courses on a part-time basis (one course at a time) or full-time (16-18 credits at a time). Please see an advisor for help in planning your schedule.

  • Students must achieve at least a "C" in all required courses. Required courses are all NSG courses, MBI 161, MBI 361 and BIO 232, BIO 325.
  • Nursing clinical lab fee of $200 per course is added to NSG 313, 420 
  • Experiential Learning requirement met by NSG 420

Nursing is a dynamic profession and the department reserves the right to change the curriculum as necessary.