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SESSION 1: 9:30 - 10:20 AM

Mandatory Duty to Report

Bennyce Hamilton, Kathie Wollney, Becca Getson

This session will satisfy your mandatory duty to report training, including related policies if you have not already completed it. Please bring your Miami ID to track attendance.

Emotional Intelligence: Become a Master! Be the Force that controls Emotions tending to migrate to the Dark Side

Anise Simpson, Robyn Charlton

Dig deeper into discovering what Emotional Intelligence (EI) is and how developing yours can improve your ability to control your impulses and manage stress. Becoming an EI Master will empower you to become the positive force that inspires and influences others during times of change, conflict management, and team collaboration. We will share tips and resources to get you started on your way.

Meet the New SGID: Refresh Your Facilitator Skills and Understand Upcoming Changes in Assessment Procedure

Katherine Kickel Tsuneo Ferguson 

An SGID is a method for receiving mid-semester feedback from students and improving the learning experience in your course, which may result in increased student performance, making them an important measure of teaching effectiveness. Join us to get acquainted with the new SGID process, train as a new SGID facilitator, refresh skills and discuss best practices for implementing an SGID and utilizing the results.

Student Workers, You Have. Supervise, You Must: Mentoring & Empowering our Student Staff

Christina Grote, Caitlin Borges, Alexis Adams

Student involvement on campus has proven to increase retention and graduation rates. However, many students need to work while pursuing academic goals. Learn how Academic Advising, Orientation, & Student Activities provide engagement opportunities for students through training & mentorship. Opportunities to share best practices and techniques for supervising student employees will be incorporated.

Safe Zone 101: Learning "the Force" of LGBTQ* Inclusion

J.A. Carter

Better understand your role in creating a safer and more inclusive campus for all LGBTQ* students, faculty, and staff in our classrooms, at events, and within our community. Completion earns eligibility for Safe Zone 201; credit is available for those who are eligible. *This is a double blocked session.

Be the Force in Creating Accessible Documents

Thomas Mays, Barbara Caudill, Meredith Singleton

Anyone who creates documents (so everyone) should join us for a hands-on, how-to session, covering document accessibility. We will cover how to create accessible documents and check for accessibility issues. You will use Microsoft Office’s Accessibly Checker as well as other tools used for checking for accessibility issues. Do or Do Not, There is no Try: Multimedia Best Practices Nikki Holden JP Leong Colleagues from University of Cincinnati join us to present on how to take your multimedia content to the next level by effectively using audio, images, and video to make your multimedia products look more professional and make your presentations and courses more engaging.

SESSION 2: 10:30 - 11:20 AM

Be a Force For Affordable Learning!

John J. Burke, Carrie Girton, Carla Myers

Presenting an overview of Affordable Learning (AL) initiatives, learn how you can help address student textbook costs, including the use of Open Educational Resources (OER), aka. Freely Available Textbooks. You'll also receive information about MU grant programs supporting OER and AL initiatives, as well as library support resources available for applying.

The Incredible Power of Growth Mindset

Sue Sepela, Robyn Charlton

When students understand that increased effort improves outcome, anything is possible! "Growth Mindset" posits that when students interpret setbacks as learning opportunities, they become better, stronger learners. Join us to unpack the principles of this theory and learn how we can infuse growth mindset and resiliency as a practice and a part of our cultural norm at MUR.

The Email Strikes Back: Using the force to craft web communication that people will read!

Carrie Chambers, Tracy Miller

This session will provide you with tips and tricks to craft email and web communication that people will actually read!

Working together to revise our vision and mission statement for Miami Regional Campuses

Cathy Bishop-Clark, Leland Spencer, Debbie Boston

The Regional Assembly Executive Council continues to work on updating the vision and mission of the “new” Miami Regionals. Regional Assembly co-chairs Leland Spencer and Debbie Boston and Interim Dean Cathy Bishop-Clark, as well as other members of the Assembly Executive Council, will be there to hear your feedback on draft vision and mission statements.

Safe Zone 101: Learning "the Force" of LGBTQ* Inclusion

J.A. Carter

Better understand your role in creating a safer and more inclusive campus for all LGBTQ* students, faculty, and staff in our classrooms, at events, and within our community. Completion earns eligibility for Safe Zone 201; credit is available for those who are eligible. *This is a double blocked session.

PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) and ICC (Intercultural Competence): How An American Food Staple Helps Us More Effectively Engage with Others

Virginia (Ginger) Wickline

Build a stronger Regionals community by making your "best" peanut butter sandwich. Considering the culture behind this American classic, PB&J and ICC help you increase your cultural knowledge, as well as empathy for and skills when interacting with culturally different others. Come try this tasty experience for yourself!

Be the Force to Promote Academic Integrity in your Classrooms

Thomas Mays, Alan Cady, Leah Henson

Highlighting the work of the Academic Integrity in Online Courses FLC, we will discuss how to teach the importance of academic integrity, methods & tools for detecting and preventing the dishonest behavior, and demonstrate resources available to you for Module 0.

Fake News: Be the Force that Dispels Myths About Learning

Carolyn Stoll, Dawn Clineman

Everyone has a learning style that’s best for them. We’ve all heard this and accepted it as fact, right? Would you be surprised to learn it’s not true? Colleagues from the University of Cincinnati join us to present this fun, interactive session on spotting and avoiding this and other learning myths that can result in bad instructional design.

SESSION 3: 1:30 - 2:20

Five ASL Phrases to Get You Through the Day

Pruthvi Patel

What do you do when a deaf student is in your class and approaches you for help, or you're working with a deaf colleague, or you need technical support from a deaf support specialist? ...but you don't know sign language. I'll help you learn basic signs, etiquette and the deaf culture.

Authentic Assessments: New Ideas Toward Positive Outcomes.

Alan Cady, Sandra Johnson, Barbara Oswald, Lori Parks, George Vascik, Leah Henson. Moderated by Robyn Charlton

This presentation includes faculty perspectives from the Authentic Assessments in the Online Environment FLC. Presenters will share examples of authentic assessments in their courses, along with updates on their FLC projects. The presentation will close with a Q&A session.

An Untapped Force: Utilizing Student Managers

Carrie Chambers, Ruth Orth, Ryan Young

What is a student manager? What are the benefits for your office and for the student? We'll answer these questions with a panel of current and former student managers and give you tips on hiring great students. 

Reinforcements are here: "Student veterans"

JP Smith

Featuring an overview of what Miami University Regionals is doing to assist our student veterans, this session will also touch on classroom topics brought up by the student veterans followed up by an open "Question and Answer" session. *This is a 25-min session.

Online Textbook Force (Source)

Online Textbook Source (new bookstore)

If you haven't become an expert yet, learn how to submit adoptions through the Online Textbook Source. The team will be present to answer any textbook or course material questions. You may also contact them at *This is a 25-min session. The two above are 25 minutes sessions back-to-back in the same room during this Session Block.

Discover Your Force Within

Cathy Moore

Understanding our core values is a vital part of understanding the force that drives us. Using the True Colors framework, participants will explore their own, and their coworkers, distinctive personality traits resulting in better work relationships, improved teamwork & communication.

CTL & ELC Starring in May the "Guanxi" Force Be with You

Katie Vogel, Linh Dich

Call out Chinese names with confidence! Learn the basics of Chinese pronunciation.

Introduction to Hawksnest, Miami's crowdfunding platform

Heather Johnston

Heather Johnston, Associate Director of Research Communications at Miami's Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS) will introduce you to Hawksnest, Miami's crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding has become one more avenue of seeking financial support for projects at Miami. This session will introduce you to the concept and the "how to's" of crowdfunding at Miami.

Be the Force to Research Online Teaching and Learning

Gina Petonito, Meredith Singleton, Tracey Hoffman, Dave Woods. Moderated by Thomas Mays

Introducing the E-Campus E-Fellowship program offering professional development funds & support for teacher-scholars to complete research projects involving online teaching and learning. Hear from four E-Fellows discussing their research, including online discussion forums, social presence, feedback strategies, and group assignments.

Use the force wisely: Faculty, students, and free speech in the Classroom

Martin Johnson, Robin Parker

Robin Parker, Miami University General Counsel, will describe and take questions about university policy on free speech, protest, verbal harassment, hate speech, political correctness, and other issues regarding the rights and duties of faculty and students in the classroom. Bring your tough cases and hypotheticals!

SESSION 4: 2:30 - 3:20 PM

Teaching Small: A Book Discussion

Helane Androne, Caryn Neumann

Join us for a book discussion on James M. Lang's Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Teaching. We will discuss and share "small" teaching techniques, including brief classroom or online learning activities, one-time interventions, and small modifications in course design or communication with students. All Instructors are invited and books will be provided.

Best of the Best Online Teaching Tips and Tricks (Rapid Fire)

Janet Hurn, Julie Straub, and colleagues

Through PechaKucha-style presentations (20 images x 20 seconds), your colleagues will share their best of the best online teaching tips and tricks. Come and watch some of your favorite colleagues go against the clock as they present their work!

Building Critical Thinking with Credo InfoLit Modules

Beth Tumbleson, Mark Shores

MU Libraries now offers Credo InfoLit Modules with 7 academic research modules for classroom work, Canvas work, or individual review. Learn how to use its text tutorials, videos, activities, and quizzes.

Be the Force with an Active Research Agenda

Leland Spencer

This session offers practical suggestions for (1) finding time to work on research, (2) getting research submitted, (3) revising for publication, and (4) promoting work after it has been published.

Jedi Mind Tricks?: No, Just Practical Ways to Help Our Students Succeed.

Tonia Hyllengren, Mary Bausano, Kristen Taylor

This rapid-fire presentation featuring multiple speakers will highlight practical actions that faculty and staff can take to positively impact our students' success. It will include brief reviews of best practices in student retention, student emotional health & wellness, and MUR resources for retention. *This is a 25-min session.

Jedi Mind Tricks?: No, Just Practical Ways to Increase Enrollment

Kristen Taylor, Cathy Moore, Lauren Hickman

This rapid-fire presentation featuring multiple presenters will highlight practical actions that faculty and staff can take to increase enrollment, including best practices in recruitment, key strategies to attract students, & collaborative recruitment opportunities. *This is a 25-min session. 

Complete your training, you must: Active Management Practices

Mary Kovach

Active Management Practices will help managers become more successful in their roles and individual contributors become more efficient. Learn to 'Be the Force" with a new take on 7 active management behaviors, tools & techniques. The first 15 will receive Active Management Practices workbook to help get started. 

"Out of this World" Resources to Support Your Work & Life

Cassie Wilson, Sherry Schilling

We'll explore the resources provided by Miami's IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance Work/ Life Program. This newly enhanced, confidential program, offers 24/7 access to professional support along with expanded resources to help you manage a wide range of work/life matters. *This is a 25-min session.

Channeling "The Force" while Delivering Change

Meredith Singleton

Change in higher education will never happen slower than it is right now. But how do you deliver news of change without freaking everyone out? This session will help those at all levels manage news of change. Leave with tips and techniques to process change and move forward. *This is a 25-min session.

Are these the droids we're looking for? Using Agile Reflection to Improve Projects Anywhere.

David Woods

Do you do projects - in class, in your office, anywhere? Do you want to improve them? This session will demonstrate simple Agile practices to promote reflection in projects and discuss how this can be used to improve communication, coordination, and transparency in any type of project.

Use the Forum, Luke! Discuss the future of Faculty Forum

Martin Johnson, Tammy Allen

Do faculty want to have a separate, institutional voice by continuing the Faculty Forum(s)? If so, what would that look like? Come to an informal discussion to help decide the future of faculty governance in the new CLAAS environment.