When to Register

Registration dates and times are subject to change. Students are advised to view their registration time ticket in BannerWeb for their personal registration dates/times. View Registration Tips for helpful information to prepare for registration.

How to Register

  1. Log in to BannerWeb.
  2. Select "Student Services and Financial Aid."
  3. Select "Registration."
  4. Select "Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates and Times (time ticket)" to view your registration time as well as any registration holds that may be on your record. Any and all holds that restrict your registration will be listed here, along with contact information for the appropriate office. You must clear your holds before registration will be permitted.
  5. Select "Registration/Change of Schedule” to begin the registration process, or select "Look Up Courses to Add” to view a list of courses.

Change of Campus

Oxford students seeking to take all, or the majority, of their credit hours at the regional campuses can request a change of campus by submitting the appropriate "Change of Campus" form online. A "Change of Campus" form can be completed prior to registering for the semester; however, students will be required to have over 50% of regional credit hours for the term to remain eligible. Students also must not reside in campus housing for the semester a Change of Campus is submitted.

Students with fewer than 68 Miami hours will be charged lower division regional fees; students with 68 or more hours will be charged upper division regional fees. Campus change requests must be received prior to the first week of the semester. If you entered Miami’s Regional campus for the first time during or after Fall 2018, you will be in a Miami Tuition Promise cohort. See Miami’s Tuition Promise for more information.

Please note: Oxford students must submit a "Change of Campus" form for each Summer and Winter Term they wish to take classes at the Regionals. Students wanting to permanently relocate to the Regionals for a fall or spring semester will only need to complete the form once. A student must have more hours scheduled at a Regional campus than the Oxford campus for the entire semester/term to qualify for a campus change.

Regional students who want to change their campus to Oxford, or have permission to take one or two classes in Oxford, should read and complete the appropriate form.