Students can view when registration opens for a given semester/term on Miami University’s academic calendar. Be advised that registration dates and times are subject to change.

Visit our Registration Tips page to view all of our Banner Self Service navigational videos in one convenient place. To prepare to register for classes, we recommend you also take the following actions.

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors are knowledgeable resources that can help you make decisions about your major/minor/thematic sequence, check your degree progress, and identify ways to use course selections to enhance your career options.

Pay Attention to Registration Time Tickets

Students have their highest level of scheduling priority during their registration “time ticket” window. Pay special attention to the beginning and end times of your time ticket. Plan ahead so you are ready to go when your time ticket opens. 

Registration time tickets are created based on the credit hours you have already earned at Miami or elsewhere. This does not include in-progress hours. Earned hours are listed under the “Undergraduate Credit Summary to Date” at the end of your degree audit. Do not use the “Earned Hours” posted at the beginning of your degree audit because it includes the courses for which you are currently registered. You can also view earned hours on your unofficial academic transcript in Banner Self Service.

Clear Holds Preventing Registration

A variety of holds may be placed on your record that will restrict registration. Visit our Holds on Student Accounts page to learn about the types of holds and how to check holds on your account.

Prepare a List of Courses and Alternatives

Students tend to be more successful in getting the courses they need to meet requirements when they are flexible. Using your degree audit, prepare a list of courses and alternates that will fulfill your requirements. List as many as possible.

Please note that seats are released at the beginning of each registration group. While a course may look closed during your registration period, more seats may open in later registration groups and/or when open registration begins. This system is in place to ensure an even distribution of course availability across the entire registration period. In addition:

  • Try to schedule the course (or its alternate) during your initial registration window.
  • Try to next to add the course during open registration.
  • Familiarize yourself with the process to request a seat in a full class by visiting our Banner Waitlist and Registration Override Request (ROR) page.

Undergraduate students are initially permitted to register for a maximum of 17 credit hours (18 credit hours for students in the College of Engineering and Computing). During the open registration period (July for fall semester registration and November for spring semester registration), students may register for additional hours up to a maximum of 20 credit hours. If an undergraduate student needs to take more than 20 credit hours, they must have permission from their divisional dean.

Graduate students can register for a maximum of 18 graduate credit hours during the fall or spring semester. Graduate students who need to exceed the maximum graduate credit hour limits must file a petition with the Graduate School before the first day of the semester.

Sign Your ePromise

Make sure to sign your ePromise Financial Responsibility Agreement before registration begins. All students are required to sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement every fall and spring semester. The system will not allow you to register until you have signed the agreement. Visit our Registration Tips page to view instructional videos on how to complete this requirement. 

Review Credit/No Credit Options

Familiarize yourself with Miami’s Credit/No Credit grading policies before registration begins. Deadlines for changing a course to credit/no credit are listed on the academic calendar.

Understand Restrictions and Error Messages

View our Registration Restrictions and Error Messages page for more information about restrictions you may see on certain classes, such as those based on a student’s primary major or minor.

Banner 8 Self Service Accessibility 

Users who anticipate or experience a disability related barrier to using the application may access course registration via Banner 8 Self Service by submitting a request through the Accessibility Barrier with Banner 9 Registration form. Users who experience disability related barriers to using the application may also report an accessibility barrier through the Report an Accessibility Issue form.