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Student & Alumni Success Stories

chloe olberding

Read Chloe Olberding's story on how she got into Miami's extremely competitive nursing program.

Abby Baker

Abby Baker is expected to graduate in 2021 with a major in Nutrition with concentration in Diabetics. Read more about Abby's experience with the Tutoring and Learning Center to help her boost her grade in Math. 

Kelly Kaehler

Kelly Kaehler graduated in May 2018 with a degree in Social Work. One of her proudest accomplishments is being the first member of her family to graduate from college. Read more about Kelly's journey with the Tutoring and Learning Center.

Lan Dao

When Lan first arrived here from Vietnam as a transfer student, she had already completed a Chemistry degree and was working as a veterinarian. Because many international credits do not transfer, she basically had to “begin again” to reach her academic goal of a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. Read more about how the Tutoring and Learning Center helped Lan to persevere and achieve her goal.

Nick and MaryKate Roberts and commencement.

MaryKate and Nick are recent 2016 graduates of Miami Regionals. MaryKate earned a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Education and Family Studies, and an associate's degree in Pre-Kindergarten Education. Nick earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Learn more about their story.