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Your student experience isn’t limited to just the classroom. Our award-winning and caring faculty support your educational journey with hands-on learning and more. Participating in service learning, internships, and education abroad will create life-changing experiences.

Explore Our Programs

Whether you choose a major-minor or double-major combination, our programs of study are rooted in the academic excellence for which Miami is known. Through guidance in selecting the major that’s right for you and academic coaching to keep you on track, reaching your goals is possible.
A student meeting with her academic advisor to talk about majors.

Beyond the Classroom Walls

During your time at Miami Regionals you will do more than study inside a classroom; you will engage with faculty and other students to explore real-world projects that result in transferable career skills across diverse disciplines.

CLAAS Divisional Honors Program

The College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science (CLAAS) Divisional Honors Program embraces our mission to empower minds and strengthen communities. By participating in the program, you will develop skills in four key areas: research and information literacy, critical thinking, intellectual integration, and community and civic leadership.

Education Abroad

You can immerse yourself in a global opportunity and earn academic credit while taking part in a transformative experience in other parts of the U.S. or in 90 countries around the world.

Research and In-Field Experience

Explore hands-on research opportunities that will connect you with other students from diverse areas that share common interests. Investigate your passion and discover real-world solutions for today's problems.

Career Community

Our five career communities include subjects that are the foundation of the Miami curriculum. Existing independently, the communities serve as networks so you can connect with those who have similar interests, but collectively they contribute to a well-rounded, educated society.
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Explore what it means to be a college student at Miami University Regionals. Find the campus and career path that’s right for you.
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Miami Regionals offers a world-renowned education with state-of-the-art applied learning.