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Academics at Miami University Regionals

For Business Minds

Department of Commerce

Our dedicated faculty bring a wide range of business experience right into the classroom. And teach practical business skills that prepare you to thrive in any modern workplace. making you employable immediately after graduation. 

For Technical Minds

Department of Computer and Information Technology

Local businesses and industries need highly qualified graduates who can speak the language of technology. So we train them. To plan and support hardware and software infrastructure, and to keep data safe and streaming and complex systems humming along 24/7. 

For Imaginative Minds

Department of Social and Behavioral Science

Department of Humanities and Creative Arts

Department of Education and Society

Teachers, analysts and researchers. we train a variety of essential boots-on-the-ground professionals. Experts who provide valuable services and impact the lives of people throughout our communities. In big ways, little ways and absolute necessary ways—every day.

For Inquiring Minds

Department of Justice and Community Studies

Maybe you've noticed, the world isn't perfect. But we're helping improve the system by training graduates to lead—ethically, with authority. Who know how to uncover the truth. Navigate our justice system. Protect. Serve. And enforce our laws.

For Compassionate Minds

Department of Nursing

Health professionals are in high demand everywhere. across Ohio. across the nation. It's the reason we've created such a robust, nationally recognized nursing program. We're just doing our part to help make sure than state has the vital resources it needs. People like you—who want to earn a great living and become part of the solution.

For Engineering Minds

Department of Engineering Technology

The world will always need engineers. Now and forever. Highly skilled professionals who know how to keep the world processing and producing. To keep the lights on, the cogs turning and the systems in check. If you're ready to take on one of the most stable careers on earth, we're ready to take you there.

For Inspired Minds

Department of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies
Know what employers want? Broadly knowledgeable employees who can communicate clearly, think critically and solve complex problems on the spot. and that's exactly why we offer programs designed to teach you a little bit about everything. Making you ready for anything—and extremely employable.

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