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All Verity Traditions programs are free and open to the public. A light meal is provided 15 minutes before each program starts.

Cincinnati and Soup: Facts, Food and Fun
Thurs., November 3 • 6pm

Cheri Brinkman Cincinnati and Soup author and former Miami Hamilton faculty member, will focus on an agri-history of Cincinnati, which answers the questions of why we grow and eat what we do and recipes and nostalgia from the recent past. Technology and food to the 21st century plus a wild ride through Cincinnati armed with nothing but a few cheese coneys and a fork. Think you know all about Cincinnati food? Goetta, Wine, Chili? Fasten your seat belts and secure your double butter cake as we loop around Crosley Square- and WLW this is an adventure from the 1800's to the 1960's about Cincinnati and the Ohio Valley you will not want to miss!

Donations of any amount are always welcome. Donate online at

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 the US entry into the Second World War
Tues., December 6 • 6pm

David Shortt, CWO, US Army Retired and the Curator of the regionally acclaimed Veterans Memorial Museum Foundation, an institution dedicated to preserving the physical artifacts and oral traditions of US Armed Forces Veterans, located in Germantown, Ohio; will present on the Japanese attack 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor, concentrating on the tactical details of the attack, and local connections to the Miami Valley, including Servicemen who were present during the attack.

David will also bring historical artifacts and relics pertaining to Pearl Harbor, for public viewing and discussion.

Hike for your life. Gundrun and Peter Seifert. Map includes France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and the cities Nice, Briancon, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Innsbruck, Garmish, Salzburg, Vienna, and Bolzano. Alps at 80
Tues., March 7 • 6pm 

Hiking is always on the Seiferts' agenda, be it in the local parks near Middletown, in Ohio, or Colorado. In retirement they combined hiking the Alps with visits to family and friends in their native Germany. That took them to Nice, France, and from there North and East - to Vienna, Austria. The length of the Alps, on foot, in six segments, each about a month long (the solid line on the map)*.

One might think, their hunger for the outdoors was now satisfied - however the opposite became true - in Vienna, they turned around to hike back to Nice (On the map: white dots - still in the future, green and brown done). Meanwhile, Peter has reached 80, and they have slowed down a little, are even more careful, and plan more in detail...

This presentation covers the brown dots, between Merano and Lago Maggiore, a Swiss and Italian vacation paradise. Slides, maps, anecdotes ... enjoy.

A Closer Look at China
Fri., April 14 • 6pm

Four Chinese international students from Miami's iNTRA program will share presentations on their home cities and provinces. This year's presentations will be expanded to include food, costumes, and music! This is a wonderful opportunity for community members to meet some of Miami's international students and to learn about China's interesting culture.

Trivia Night with Richard O Jones
Tues., May 9 • 6pm

Brush up on your area history, geography, and other arcane local knowledge to take the Professor Knowitall Trivia Challenge--Middletown Edition!

Hosted by local author and triviamaster Richard O Jones, the Trivia Challenge is guaranteed to give your mental muscles a vigorous workout. Bring up to five of your smartest friends and form a team to answer questions from the Professor's Vault of Useless Knowledge and compete for fabulous prizes--and priceless bragging rights.
While an RSVP is not required, it is suggested so we have plenty of cool prizes for all in attendance. Reserve your spot at!