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All Verity Traditions programs are free and open to the public. A light meal is provided 15 minutes before each program starts.

Donations of any amount are always welcome. Donate online at

World War I: Ohio Journeys
February 28 • 6pm

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the United States entrance into World War I. Cheri Brinkman local author and former Miami Hamilton faculty member will bring historic photos of the war and documents together to make history of this event come to life through the experiences of local people.

Crosley Field Remembered
March 12 • 6pm

Relive the memorable 1919 and 1940 Reds World Championships brought to you buy Roush and Lombardi. Experience the excitement of the 1960s again with the arrival of Reds greats Rose, Bench, Perez and Nolan.

Brought to us by the Cincinnati Museum Center.

A Sentimental Journey with Doris and Rosemary
April 25 • 6pm

Doris Day and Rosemary Clooney began their spectacular big band singing careers in Cincinnati. With pictures, stories and the vocal stylings of a local professional singer, take a sentimental journey through the lives of these two great ladies of American entertainment. Ten songs made famous by Doris and Rosemary will be performed live during the presentation.

Brought to us by the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Kentucky 31
May 14 •  6pm- 8pm

Enjoy an energetic evening of traditional Bluegrass music as well as a few early Rock tunes with a twist!   Kentucky 31 consists of Donnie Hampton the mandolin player, Jim Bird on banjo, Roy Basham on Guitar, Bruce Clark on bass, and Marvin Davis on fiddle.

The Environment and Appalachian Ohio: A Tale of Three Cities
June 25 • 6pm

Nowhere in Ohio has the environment played a more important role than in the state’s thirty-two Appalachian counties. This presentation describes how underground mineral deposits and proximity to the Ohio River made the region ideal for mining, steel and petrochemical production–and ultimately led three small towns from industrial prosperity to environmental catastrophe.

Speaker Bio: Peggy Calestro and Julie Calestro-McDonald are a mother-daughter team who have been fascinated for more than twenty years with Central Appalachia, which includes Appalachian Ohio. Both have written about Appalachian history and culture and have presented at conferences and seminars.