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In President Hodge's State of the University address in September 2014, he announced the creation of The Alcohol Task Force, and charged it with engaging a wide array of campus and community stakeholders in an effort to (i) better understand the extant ecological context, including the current impact of high risk alcohol use on the community, (ii) evaluate the potential efficacy of various interventions, as well as the costs and tradeoffs associated with the interventions, and (iii) develop a strategic plan for reducing the propensity of and mitigating the costs associated with high risk alcohol consumption.

The Alcohol Task Force engaged in an information gathering process through the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 terms that included an environmental scan, a review of national and Miami University data and research, and focus groups with key campus/community stakeholders. From this review, some unique local environmental and cultural factors related to alcohol use were identified; the need for more and better data became evident; and it was observed that while key resources exist that can impact this problem, there is a need for greater coordination and more effective utilization of these resources across campus and within the larger community.

The Task Force presented a final report (PDF) that recognizes the need for both a strong campus-community partnership and a long run perspective and commitment to the issue of high risk alcohol consumption. The strategic framework of this plan focuses on positively reshaping the attitudes, behaviors and consequences that are associated with high risk consumption.

Central to this strategic framework is the creation of a permanent Alcohol Coordinating Committee (ACC).