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Academic Neighborhoods

The Academic Neighborhood Living Learning Community (LLC) is one that seeks to connect students around academic interests. Where possible, students will be assigned, by academic college, into specific residence hall corridors. Any single residence hall would contain a number of these academic neighborhoods. This will both support the individual academic efforts of students, while promoting opportunities for transdisciplinary conversations to occur within the entire hall.

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Bridges Scholars

The Bridges Scholars Living Learning Community (LLC) brings together students who have completed the Bridges Program for high school seniors. Participants in this community will engage in activities to help facilitate their transition to Miami which includes, but is not limited to, mentoring by Bridges Scholars Student Organization upperclass students. Additionally, participants will collaborate on scholarly, leadership, professional development and community-based projects.  This community will also work as a team in coordinating their own social activities and can also participate in social activities with the broader group of Bridges Scholars across campus.

Required Course:

EDL 110: The University and the Student (1 credit hour) - Helps students understand how the university operates and how its resources can be used to develop their educational goals. Taught in seminar style; designed to help develop personal relationships among students and instructor. For first year students only. Credit/no-credit only.

Programs Include:

  • Pre-semester Program
  • Meet & Greet
  • Quad Activities
  • Membership in Bridges Scholars Student Organization
  • Spring Semester Welcome Back Event

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Career Clusters

  • Accounting & Financial Services
  • Economics & Data Analytics
  • Management, Sales & Exploring
  • Students still exploring

More information coming soon!

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Celebrate the Arts

The Celebrate the Arts Living Learning Community (LLC) is open to students who have been active in the arts or want to take up an artistic interest for the first time. Residents who live in this community will have the opportunity to work with faculty from the College of Creative Arts, the Art Museum, guest artists, and fellow residents to explore creative pursuits in the visual and performing arts.

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Community Justice and Well-Being

The Community Justice and Well-Being Living Learning Community (LLC) is an interdisciplinary program is designed to encourage and facilitate place-based education in urban settings around issues of social justice, broadly defined. Open to all majors, students will collaborate with community members in project- and place-based approaches to learning. The Community Justice and Well-Being living learning community provides students with the unique opportunity to collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and community stakeholders affiliated with the new Initiative for Community Justice and Well-being (ICJW). The ICJW supports publicly engaged collaborations designed to transform education, health and wellbeing across communities and through innovative partnerships in shared critical learning, teaching, and research.

Students can also make progress towards earning the new Fostering Just Communities (FJC) certificate.

Required Courses:
UNV 101: I AM MIAMI - Participate in a one credit section of UNV 101 dedicated to learning about university resources that are specifically set aside for the participants in the Community Justice and Wellness living learning community.

SJS 215 EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning. This course explores how educational and economic injustices impact communities and considers strategies for social change.

Events and activities for the living learning community include:

  • Trip to Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood that includes an alternative community journey to learn about the history of the neighborhood
  • Networking with community leaders, alumni, faculty, and staff around areas of community justice, volunteer, and internship opportunities
  • Social and community building activities
  • Priority access to special guest speakers

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Education, Families, and Society

The Education, Families, and Society Living Learning Community offers first-year students the opportunity to explore themes and issues related to the pursuit of careers in education, helping professions, and being instruments of change in our society. We invite students to join this community who plan to study teacher education, family studies, or social work, as well as any other students who are interested in using their influence to make the world a better place. Students will have the opportunity to interact with peers in and out of the classroom through activities focused on their passion for helping others.

Typical programs in the community include:

  • Adopt-a-School
  • Urban Immersions
  • Book Club with faculty
  • Exploring international opportunities
  • Guest speakers in hall
  • Involvement with campus and national organizations

This community has close connections with the Urban Teaching Cohort.

Depending upon major, student will be co-enrolled into 1, 2 or 3 of the required courses:

UNV 101: I AM MIAMI, a one credit hour course that introduces students to various University resources.

EDP 201: Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts. A three-credit course MPF, that provides an in-depth examination of theoretical issues and principles of human development and learning, including developmental changes, motivational and learning processes, exceptionalities and other individual differences, and dynamics of social groups.

EDT 190: Introduction to Education. A three-credit introductory course combining classroom activities, technology experiences and school visits to assist students in deciding whether or not to pursue a teacher licensure program and to begin the professional preparation process.

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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community (LLC) is dedicated to enacting positive change. This community is for students who desire to embark on or extend their leadership journey. Participants will begin to find their voices and examine their potential to lead on Miami's campus and beyond. Students are supported by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership and the Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute. No previous leadership experience is required.

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Joining the entrepreneurship community means learning skills, tools and mindsets to develop who you are. Entrepreneurship is easily interpreted as just "business creation", but it is much more about creating opportunities in your life and in making your best college experience. You will have the chance to live and collaborate with students who want to challenge assumptions, develop new ideas and make an impact on the world around them.

This living learning community is for students who are interested in learning what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking and behavior to their careers and passions. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the faculty of Miami's Top 10 nationally ranked entrepreneurship program. This living learning community would be a good choice for students interested in the Entrepreneurship co-major or minor who are looking for ways to get involved in the Farmer School of Business without being a business major.

Please note that there are regulations on campus that govern business ventures on campus, in particular regarding the use of facilities. Some of these are in the Regulations for On-Campus Living. The residence hall staff and course instructors are available to help guide your compliance with these regulations.

Required Course:

ESP 101: The Rewards and Challenges of an Entrepreneurial Life. A required one credit hour first year hybrid online-live course. This course will explore entrepreneurship through readings, discussions, and teaching cases. Students will learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and how they can use entrepreneurship to pursue passions in business, their community and personal lives. Students will be exposed to both the rewards associated with entrepreneurship along with the risks. Students will be given an opportunity to use the course content to develop and execute collaborative project that incorporates the verticals of Entrepreneurship.  

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Environmental Awareness Program (EAP)

The Environmental Awareness Program Living Learning Community (LLC) is an amazing opportunity for students of any major interested in living in with other students who enjoy the outdoors and/or are concerned about environmental issues.  The activities in this community will focus on exploring the environment in Oxford and surrounding areas, exploring topics such as sustainability, astronomy, and local organic foods, and connecting with faculty members. Students in Environmental Awareness Program will also learn about internship and co-curricular opportunities related to sustainability and the environment.

Past programs include:

  • Green Mega Fair (Meet with environmental organizations on campus and in Oxford)
  • Camping Trip
  • Arrowhead Reptile Rescue presenting a live reptile demonstration
  • Spring Nashville Trip
  • Honeysuckle removal

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The Equestrian Living Learning Community (LLC) is ideal for students who have a passion for equestrian sports and want to further develop their skills. Exposure to different disciplines, classroom opportunities and events will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to participate in up to 4 different programs throughout the academic year.

Required Course: KNH150 E: Introduction to Horseback Riding 

Programs Include:

  • Fall Kick-Off Event: Adventure Race
  • Congress Trip in Fall
  • National Horse Show Trip in Fall
  • Rolex Trip in Spring

Students accepted into this community will be charged a $175 program fee. The purpose of this program fee is to supplement the cost of the programs listed above.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a sense of belonging in the residence hall and the larger University community
  • Investigate the components of team dynamics and leadership
  • Provide career development including awareness of careers in equestrian, pre-vet, animal nutrition, and coaching
  • Introduce students to a variety of opportunities in equine sport by attending multiple venues
  • Enhance academic experience by providing speakers and clinicians related to career fields outside of traditional classroom.

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Film and Video Making

New for Fall 2019, the Film and Video Making Living Learning Community (LLC) will provide students in any major an opportunity to live with other students who are interested in video and film production. The community will partner with the Department of Media, Journalism and Film (MJF) to support students in programming efforts.

Benefits of this LLC:

  • Connect new students with other new students with similar interests
  • Connect new students with faculty and staff in Media, Journalism and Film
  • Engage students in all aspects of video production
  • Expose students to quality equipment to which they otherwise would not get to use in the Media, Journalism and Film until their second or third year

Potential Programming Initiatives:

  • Labor Day music video production competition
  • 48 hour short film production competition (fall break)
  • Production of episodes of a new video series: The wORLd Cooking Show

Recommended courses:  

MAC143, Media and Culture: Introduction to Media, (Fulfills MPF, MPT) Introduction to major mass communication theories as a context to examining some major issues surrounding mass media in American society.  

MAC146, Media and Culture: Media Aesthetics. Students will develop an awareness of the artistic choices necessary for good media production and will be introduced to design elements and techniques available for use.

First Year Research Experience (FYRE)

The First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Living Learning Community (LLC) provides students with authentic, hands-on research experiences in small teams led by research-active faculty during a two-semester course sequence. Student researchers are introduced to a research topic, participate in designing a study, and complete necessary training during the fall semester; they implement the study, analyze data, and present the results at the Annual Undergraduate Research Forum in the spring. This experience prepares students early for independent research supervised by Miami faculty and/or subsequent external opportunities to conduct undergraduate research.

Required Courses: UNV 171 (Fall semester; 1-3 credits) and UNV 172 (Spring semester; 1-3 credits). To receive information about FYRE Course Topics, complete the FYRE 2019-2020 Interest Form.

Why should you join the First Year Research Experience?

  • Break new ground
    • Work with your peers in small teams, directly with faculty on current, cutting edge research projects
    • Incorporate the framework of research and inquiry into your college experience
  • Preparation for subsequent research experiences
    • Participate in Independent Studies and Directed Research supervised by Miami faculty
    • Develop disciplinary skills in methodology, data collection and analysis
    • Become competitive for internal funding opportunities such as Undergraduate Research Awards [URA], Undergraduate Summer Scholars [USS], Dean’s Scholar, as well as summer research positions across the nation
    • Gain transferable skills in problem solving and communication
  • Forge lasting relationships - build academic and social mentoring relationships
    • Get to know your professors outside of the classroom for sustained interaction over your college career (and beyond)

The FYRE living learning community allows you to do the following:

  • Interact with related communities in the residence hall and have access to different activities
  • Have access to educational opportunities such as workshops, trainings, and field trips
  • Attend monthly colloquiums on research-based careers and seminars by visiting scholars
  • Participate in disseminating FYRE program outcomes to the Miami Community, and to high school students.

Global Connections

The Global Connections Living Learning Community (LLC) is home to both first-year and upper-class students, as well as a diverse mixture of both domestic and international students. Students select Global Connections because of their shared interests in travel, studying languages, and exploring other cultures. Global Connections is a tight-knit, dynamic living learning community where students build strong bonds with one another.

In Global Connections, students will experience:

  • an inclusive community that emphasizes building personal relationships with students of diverse backgrounds and identities

  • an engaged and open atmosphere where students will explore current global topics and various cultures, perspectives, and traditions

  • a living environment with a focus on diverse cultural understanding and intercultural communication

  • membership within the Community Leadership Team, where students can develop leadership skills, become involved in planning hall activities, get connected with one another, and collaborate with diverse students

Students will also have the opportunity to plan and participate in numerous cultural programs throughout the year. Past programs have included:

  • International Thanksgiving: share a dish with friends from all over the world (recognized as best overall program by the Residence Hall Association, 2015)
  • International festivals: learn about the history, traditions, and food of such holidays as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Collaborative programs with campus partners, such as Center for American and World Cultures, Office of Diversity Affairs, Study Abroad, and International Student and Scholar Services
  • Group tickets to campus events, such as: Fusion (traditional, hip-hop, and singing performances representing the diversity of Asian cultures), Global Rhythms (world music festival), and Diwali (dance performance celebrating the Hindu festival of lights)
  • Off-campus excursions to locations such as: Butterfield Farms (pumpkin patch and corn maze), Jungle Jim’s (international market), Cincinnati Art Museum, and Newport Aquarium

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Governmental Relations Network

In conjunction with, the Miami University Office of Institutional Relations (the Office), the Government Relations Network (GRN) Living Learning Community (LLC) provides you with opportunities to identify and pursue your career goals and aspirations while forming deep professional and personal relationships. You will be exposed to an extensive network of individuals both within the University and outside in your field of endeavor, as well as, in the fields of politics, science, the arts, and business. Our students come from all different majors and backgrounds and are leaders in campus organizations such as Associated Student Government (ASG), the Miami Student Newspaper, the First Miami University Student & Alumni Federal Credit Union, the First-Year Research Experience, College Republicans, College Democrats, the Office of Institutional Relations, and the University Libraries – Library Student Advisory Council, among others. You will expand your knowledge of your chosen profession all the while honing your advocacy skills through various Conferences and visits to the Ohio Statehouse and the U.S. Capitol.

As a student in the GRN LLC, you will:

  • Have a first-semester on-campus internship in business, government, or community engagement
  • Be exposed to integral campus resources and administrators necessary for your success before classes begin
  • Network with past GRN LLC students and be paired with an upper-class GRN mentor
  • Develop an understanding of advocacy, politics, and the impact government has on your field of interest
  • Gain exposure to a diverse network of elected officials, legislative staffers, business leaders, and researchers to begin building professional and personal relationships
  • Learn the necessary skills to enter and thrive in public service, business, or STEAM fields – including critical thinking, teamwork, effective listening, writing, and oral communication skills
  • Create a personal Miami Engagement Plan reflecting your career aspirations in the EDL 110 course

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Guys in Engineering and Computing (GiEC)

The Guys in Engineering and Computing (GiEC) Living Learning Community (LLC) is an academically focused group of young men who will live together in an environment to further their opportunity for involvement with faculty and build a community. Activities in this community include faculty dinners, educational media presentations, trips related to engineering and computer science, as well as service learning opportunities.

Required Course: CEC 101: Computing, Engineering & Society (1 credit). This course introduces students to the computing and engineering professions and their role in society.

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Health and Wellness

The Health & Wellness Living Learning Community (LLC) is ideal for students who want to focus on multiple dimensions of health & wellness. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, special events, and workshops including health assessments, instructional clinics, and group fitness activities.

Required Course: EDL 110: The University & The Student

Program Fee:  Students accepted into this community will be charged a $175 program fee.  The purpose of this program fee is to cover the cost of the programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a sense of belonging in the residence hall and the larger University community
  • Research the various university programs, people, careers, leisure activities and support structures in place within the community.
  • Investigate components of eight dimensions of wellness to construct a personal mission statement and action plan
  • Explore various components of health assessment and definitions of what it means to be healthy

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Through partnership with the University Honors Program, students in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) can expect an environment that challenges and supports them to explore and design their own educational journey. Staff and residents in the hall promote an atmosphere that allows students to integrate their social, co-curricular, and academic life through vibrant programming. Students also work to achieve learning outcomes that will prepare them for success in college and beyond.

The Honors community is a first-year community. While all students are able to request this community, assignment priority will be given to students who are members of the University Honors Program and/or University Academic Scholars Programs.

The hallmarks of the Honors communities include:

  • seamless learning environment that fosters connections between in-class and out-of-class activities
  • substantive leadership and service activities
  • opportunity to take an active role in shaping the community
  • staff who are intimately familiar with the Honors Program

Innovation, Design Thinking, Creativity

The Innovation, Design Thinking, Creativity Living Learning Community (LLC) will explore the roots of original thought and its role in the evolution of different areas of human endeavor. Students will explore the many facets of creativity and innovation, which are purely human traits at the heart of our ability to grow, change and adapt as individuals, and ultimately to survive as a species.

Required Course:

CCA 111: Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking, a three credit hour course MPF that will present scientific and scholarly ways of understanding creativity, but will also engage students in a series of exercises to experience processes through a diverse range of media and project types. Learning the roles and processes of innovation and design thinking will be central to this exploration. Teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills will also be addressed, and students will both self-author and collaboratively author original concepts. Meets requirement for Miami Plan Foundations IIA Fine Arts and V Formal Reasoning. 

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Love. Honor. Pride.

The Love. Honor. Pride. Living Learning Community (LLC) is dedicated to creating a gender inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies during their residential experience at Miami. Students within this LLC will have opportunities to explore multiple identities, connect to LGBTQ+ Services and student organizations, and build community. This LLC supports students in choosing (or being placed with) a roommate of any gender.

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Mallory-Wilson Center Pre-medical

The practice of medicine has become a team effort and offers an incredible variety of career possibilities. The Mallory-Wilson Center (MWC) Premedical Living Learning Community (LLC) brings together students interested in pursuing a career in one of the medical fields. The MWC LLC programming will help students explore the fields of healthcare so they can learn about career opportunities and make informed career choices. Students in the community will take core courses required for admission to essentially all health professions schools, and the MWC Premedical LLC support systems will help students as they navigate those first challenging courses. 

Possible programs include:

  • Pre-Med Advisor in hall office hours
  • Study groups
  • Medical School visits and tours
  • Mentoring with upper class students

Required Course:

PMD 101: Explorations in Medicine, a one credit course that explores the various fields of medicine and helps students considering a career in the healthcare field develop a comprehensive plan of preparation for admission to medical school or other healthcare profession school. This professional development course is for all students considering a career in healthcare.

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Miami Firsts Student Affinity Community

Affinity Communities allow students to choose to live with peers who share some type of similar experience, thus allowing for greater peer and staff support. The Miami Firsts Affinity Community supports first generation college students, who Miami defines as students who are the first in their family to earn a Bachelor's degree. The community will offer initiatives geared toward first generation college students and provide additional support to ease the transition for this student population.

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The Nursing Living Learning Community (LLC) is designed for directly admitted Oxford nursing students in their first and second years. This community enables students to connect with their nursing peers for academic and personal support. The Nursing LLC programming provides opportunities for students to engage with nursing faculty and further explore the discipline of nursing. In addition to residing together in an LLC, each cohort of nursing students takes the same Nursing Core courses. Participation in the LLC supports success in those courses by making it convenient for students to form study groups and to take part in weekly study tables. Programming offered to Nursing LLC students includes:

  • Faculty Meet and Greet in early September
  • Panel of Current Nursing Upper class students
  • Panel of Nursing Professionals
  • Supplemental Instruction for Nursing Core courses

All nursing students are strongly encouraged to live in the Nursing LLC for their first year. Second year nursing students also have the option to live in the LLC. Nursing students are allowed to have non-nursing roommates in the LLC if requested.

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Out of State Student Affinity Community

Affinity Communities allow students to choose to live with peers who share some type of similar experience, thus allowing for greater peer and staff support. The Out of State Affinity community is for students who are from outside the state of Ohio. The community  supports these students by helping ease the transition and assist in making Miami University and Ohio their home for the next few years.

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Outdoor Pursuits

The Outdoor Pursuits Living Learning Community (LLC) is a dynamic community sponsored by the Outdoor Pursuit Center. This community is ideal for students who have a passion for the outdoors, have a sense of adventure and want to enhance their understanding about outdoor pursuit type activities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in up to four unique programs throughout the academic year along with program discounts and workshops.

Programs Include:

  • Miami's Team Building Program Adventure Race
  • Belay training and test with Miami University's Climbing Wall
  • Whitewater rafting and overnight camping trip
  • Overnight camping trip at Hueston Woods State Park

Program Fee: Students accepted into this living learning community will be required to submit a $175 program fee at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of this program fee is to supplement the cost of programming listed above. There are a limited number of scholarships available to cover the program fee. Students wanting to be considered for a scholarship must have a FASFA with the financial aid office and can email Bill Sparks at if interested in applying.

Required Course:

EDL 290.R: The Nature of Group Leadership, a required two-credit course, challenges students to critically examine concepts of leadership and then to use that understanding as we introduce multiple outdoor activities in an experiential way. There is a required Field Experience for this course that will take us on Miami’s low and high challenge courses located in Miami’s Natural Areas. The lab fee for this course is $50 and will be charged directly to your bursar.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Bill Sparks, Miami University Outdoor Pursuit Center by email or by phone at 513-529-1439

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Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) & Military Affiliated Affinity Group

More information coming soon!

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Scholar Leader

Scholar Leader is an upper-class residential living-learning community involving a one-year residence in Elliott or Stoddard Halls - two of the most historic residence halls in the nation. Endowments for each room provide partial scholarship to those students selected to live in the community. Each year, approximately 75 students are invited to join the Scholar Leader Community after a multi-stage application and selection process. The Scholar Leader Community encourages resident-guided programming, academic involvement, service learning projects, and the opportunity to explore leadership through intensive group engagement.

More information can be found at Scholar Leader.

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Sports and Recreation

The Sports & Recreation Living Learning Community (LLC) is ideal for students who have a passion for sports and seek community building experiences through physical activity. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, special events and workshops including intramural sports, fitness programs, and team adventure race. Special events range from bowling to paintball to attending sporting events and a variety of other activities to choose from.

Required Course:  EDL 110:  The University & The Student

Program Fee:  Students accepted into this community will be charged a $175 program fee.  The purpose of this program fee is to cover the cost of the programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a sense of belonging in the residence hall and the larger University community
  • Research the various university programs, people, careers, leisure activities and support structures in place within the community.
  • Investigate the components of team dynamics and leadership
  • Explore various exercise techniques to enhance athletic performance

Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC)

The Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC) Living Learning Community (LLC) is an academically focused community of College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) students (second year and above) who share an interest in using their major to make the world a more sustainable, safe and healthier place. This LLC challenges and inspires students to connect with each other and CEC faculty to create solutions for the welfare of humanity and the needs of society. Living together in Withrow Hall, members will have an opportunity to engage in social and professional activities sponsored by the CEC. Examples include regular gatherings to discuss real problems affecting the world and potential solutions as well as visits by outside experts who have applied engineering and computing solutions to benefit humanity.

Required Course:

CEC 201: (1 Credit) This seminar aims to inspire Miami’s future graduates to address the biggest challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century, particularly in the context of Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC). Seminar presentations by College of Engineering faculty, as well as other researchers and visitors, will address real-world challenges in areas of sustainability, healthcare, security, and quality of life followed by discussion of potential solutions. . Credit/no-credit only.

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The Office of Residence Life partners with the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Miami University Panhellenic Association to provide a unique residential experience for our Sorority members. The newest members of our Panhellenic Association have the ability to live together on campus in a unique living-learning environment, The Sorority LLC. The objectives of the Sorority LLC are to help strengthen sisterhood within, and across, organizations, learn more about individual organizations as well as Panhellenic, learn the impact that various issues have on women, and foster a supportive campus climate for women. The Sorority LLC also houses a unique leadership position available to Sorority women living in the LLC, the Sorority Corridor Representative (SCR). The SCR serves as a liaison between the corridor and the Residence Life staff as well as the Community Leadership Team.

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Stokes Scholars

The Stokes Scholars Living Learning Community (LLC) is intended to create a community of first-year undergraduate students who are LSAMP program eligible, and who seek the support of fellow students in a residential community. Living learning communities provide students with a shared academic and residential experience. Students who participate in LLCs benefit from improved grades, more engagement with faculty and staff and facilitate networking at multiple levels.

The goal of the Stokes Scholars LLC is to assist underrepresented minority students in achieving academic and personal success, actively engaging in the Miami University community, connecting with students in STEM majors, developing leadership skills and retaining their pursuit of a STEM career. Both the Stokes Scholars LLC and LSAMP programming, provide underrepresented minority STEM students support and development that will prepare them for the challenges of a 21st Century STEM workforce and/or graduate programs. Stokes Scholars LLC student participants will be housed together on Miami University’s Oxford campus with other STEM living learning communities. Participation in the Stokes Scholars LLC is open to first-year undergraduate LSAMP eligible students.

Application Process

Students interested in being considered for the Stokes Scholars LLC, must complete the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program application and additionally request the Stokes Scholars Living Learning Community when completing their general Miami housing application. Once received and accepted into LSAMP, the student application for the LLC will be reviewed in conjunction with their housing application. Students will be notified via their Miami email account regarding their Stokes Scholars LLC acceptance status for the academic year.

For more information about Stokes Scholars LLC, Kim Collins, LSAMP Program Director at or 513-529-3695 (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

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Student-Created Communities *Applications for 2019-20 being accepted December 3, 2018 through February 10, 2019

Student-Created Communities is a unique opportunity for any group (size of 10-30) of second year students who share a common interest to live together in order to enhance their learning and overall residential experience at Miami University. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to address an important topic that has not been addressed in existing second-year Living Learning Communities. Questions should be directed to Joe Hawkins, Assistant Director, Office of Residence Life, at 513-529-4000 or

 Transfer Student Affinity Community

Affinity Communities will allow students to choose to live with peers who share some type of common experience, thus allowing for greater peer and staff support. The Transfer Affinity Community aims to ease the transition of students to Miami who might already have other collegiate experience. This community will provide information on resources to promote a student's success at Miami.

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Women in Science Disciplines, Engineering, and Mathematics (WiSDEM)

The Women in Science Disciplines, Engineering and Mathematics (WiSDEM) Living Learning Community (LLC) is open to first-year women, focusing on the success and mentoring of women in science, engineering and math. WiSDEM is an academically focused group of young women who have selected to live together in a facilitated living learning environment to further their opportunity for involvement with faculty. Activities in this community include faculty dinners, educational media presentations, trips geared toward issues concerning women in science, engineering and math, and service learning opportunities.

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