Start a New Student Organization

Before considering registering a new organization, please check the Hub to see if an organization already exists that may serve the same mission as your proposed organization. Using the 'keyword search' may help identify existing organizations. All new student organization requests are processed through the Hub. During the approval process, a member of a new student organization will meet with a SEAL Ambassador from the Office of Student Activities and attend one of the their workshops prior to to final approval. Once approved, new student organizations will receive recognition from the Associated Student Government (ASG) and gain access to university services.

Step One: Peer Mentor Meeting

Set up and attend a meeting with a peer mentor to discuss your organization. To set up a meeting, e-mail or call 513-529-2266. The questions discussed will include:

  • How will your new organization contribute to the mission of Miami University?
  • What organizations are similar to yours and what makes your organization distinct?
  • What needs does your organization meet that isn't currently being met at Miami?
  • How will your organization attract students to join?
  • How do you plan to develop leadership within your organization?
  • How do you plan to sustain the organization?
  • What was your inspiration for creating this organization?

In addition to these questions, meetings with mentors will include the purpose and importance of student organizations, expectations of organizations, policies related to student organization (diversity, hazing, exclusion, academic standing), requirements of the application process, and the resources available to student organizations.

Step Two: Complete the Form

Fill out the "Register a New Organization" form under the organizations section of The Hub.

Requirements of the online application will include the following:

  • A full time on-campus advisor
  • A President and Treasurer
  • A constitution
  • An outline for the transitioning process of positions

Recognition Requirements for New Student Organizations

  • An on-campus advisor (faculty, staff, or graduate student). If you need assistance finding an advisor, our office will attempt to help you.
  • A minimum of ten current student members (use the back arrow to go back to the "organization roster" page and enter at least eight members in addition to the president and treasurer).
  • A president and a treasurer
  • A constitution (be sure to view the guidelines for creating accessible documents) containing the following:
    • Official name of the student organization
    • Date on the first page of the student organization's constitution a description of purpose/mission of the group
    • Titles, requirements, and functions of officers
    • Procedures for electing officers
    • To be a member of the organization a student, grad student, faculty or staff must be registered on The Hub
    • Meeting and attendance requirements (if there are no attendance requirements, this must be stated)
    • Basis and procedures for expulsion of officers and members must be specified
    • Financial obligations of members must be specified (if there are no financial requirements, this must be stated)
    • Source of income/funding must be stated
    • Non-Discrimination and Anti-Hazing clause

Step Three: Application Review

SEAL Ambassadors from the Office of Student Activities will review the application and provide feedback through the Hub until the online application is satisfactory. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

The organization will be given “New Student Organization” status in the Hub. New student organizations have the same access to campus resources as Registered Student Organizations for one year. After that one year period if an organization hasn't met the requirements to be a Registered Student Organization, the organization will be deemed inactive.

If the application is denied, the organization has the right to reevaluate their application and re-submit and will be encouraged to utilize the student organization office resources and peer mentors to help them with the process.

Step Four: Attend a Workshop

SEAL Workshops will be held throughout the semester at various dates and times. The workshops will go over how to navigate the Hub, how to gain funding for the organization, how to conduct recruitment, social media planning, and various other topics. To see a list of available workshops, please visit the SEAL Workshops page or contact us at

Once the student has attended a workshop, their organization will be given registered student organization status.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Activities at or 513-529-2266.

Updated July 2018