Meet the Staff

2016-2017 SCS Staff



Ward, John Ph.D. Psychologist**

Director of SCS

Carrubba-Whetstine, Maria Ph.D. Psychologist

Training Director/Coordinator of LGBTQIA

Evans Toben, Lauren Ph.D. Psychologist

Coordinator of Multicultural Services

Hall, Ritch PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow

Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services

Blank, Christopher M.D.


Rivera, Saúl Ph.D. Psychologist

Assistant Director for Multicultural, Group Counseling & Technology Services

Schultz, Melissa Ph.D. Psychologist**

Prevention Specialist

Shueh, Tong-an “Fred” Ph.D., Psychologist

Coordinator of International Student Services 

Wonsik, Laura MA PCC

Case Manager

Wilson, Ashley Psy.D. Psychologist**

Coordinator of Women's Service

Young, Jennifer Ph.D. Psychologist**

Assitant Director for Outreach and Programing

Dexter, Kyle MS

Psychology Intern

Kiourtsis, Emily Psy.M.

Psychology Intern

Irwin Sims, Whitney MA, M.Ed.

Psychology Intern

Interligi, Camille MA

Psychology Intern

Cook, Natalie MA

Psychology Trainee

Fischer, Mark

Psychology Trainee

Forrest, Lauren MA

Psychology Trainee

Martin, Chandler MA

Psychology Trainee

Sarfan, Laurel MA

Psychology Trainee

Farthing, Tonia

Program Associate

Batdorf, Andrea RMA

Senior Program Assistant

** The following individuals have been designated as specific counselors within Student Counseling Services for sexual and interpersonal violence:

  • Jennifer Young, PhD, Assistant Director for Outreach & Programming
  • John Ward, PhD, Director of Student Counseling Services
  • Ashley Wilson, PsyD, Coordinator of Women's Services
  • Melissa Schultz, PhD, Prevention Specialist