Warning Signs

Warning Signs: Suicide Prevention

  • Talking about suicide or wanting to die. “I want out.” “Everyone would be better off without me.” “There is no reason to live.”

  • Talking about feeling alone, hopeless, isolated, useless, or a burden to others. “I don’t want to get out of bed…ever.” “Leave me alone.”

  • Showing irritability and hostility that is out of character.

  • Impulsive behaviors. Driving recklessly, increase in substance use, or taking other risks.

  • Withdrawal from or change in everyday activities Intense and urgent emotional despair or intense guilt or shame.  “I can’t take this pain anymore.” “There is no way out.”  “I’m a failure.”

    • Not going to class, drop in grades, missed assignments
    • Change in appetite and sleep
    • Low energy, concentration, or motivation
    • Neglect of health and self-care
  • Showing rage or seeking revenge. “I’ll show you all. You’ll be sorry.”

  • Saying goodbyes, giving away personal possessions.

  • Glorifying death or making death seem heroic.

  • Posting distressing messages, emoticons, or content on social media.

  • Asking where/how to get potentially lethal means such as access to pills or weapons.

* Adapted from the “Help a Friend in Need” publication- The JED Foundation, Facebook, and Clinton Foundation