Counseling offers assistance with your personal growth. Counseling helps you understand yourself and your difficulties, and ultimately make healthy choices in your life. Below are short descriptions of some services that we offer to full-time Oxford campus students at Miami University.

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Psychoeducation workshops and programs (e.g., stress management, depression, romantic relationships)

Consultation about various issues for faculty, staff and students, e.g., "when should I refer a student to counseling?" 

Drug/Alcohol Use Treatment (e.g., Substance Use Assessments mandated by the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution)

ADHD Screening and Treatment Services

Medical Withdrawal for some students who need to medically withdraw due to mental health issues. 

Community Resources: Because the Student Counseling Services operates from a short-term model, counselors will at times refer longer term treatment to other professionals and services in the local area.

Sexual Assault Services: SCS offers crisis consultation, on-going counseling, and group therapy for any student who is a survivor of sexual assault.