It's On Us Week 2016

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Campus Sexual Violence: Student Rights, University Responsibilities, and Legal Liability in the Hunting Ground

Tuesday, October 25 | 7 pm 
Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center

This event features a lecture and discussion by Doug Fierberg, the featured attorney in the Emmy nominated documentary The Hunting Ground. Topics include sexual violence, bystander liability, Title IX and the state of the law, student rights, and university responsibilities. 

It's On Us - The Pledge

I Pledge

  • To recognize what is consent and what is sexual assault
  • To identify and acknowledge situations in which sexual assault may occur
  • To intervene in situations in which another person could be harmed
  • To create an environment in which sexual assault and interpersonal violence are unacceptable and survivors are supported
  • To exercise good judgment and personal responsibility
  • To demonstrate Love and Honor by supporting and caring for my fellow Miamians
I am Miami